jason dilaurentis aria pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars': Jason DiLaurentis gets creepierWhat’s the newest happenings from Rosewood on “Pretty Little Liars”? Well, it turns out Jason DiLaurentis is even more of a giant creeper than we thought.

The biggest revelation this week is that Jason DiLaurentis is even more sinister than we initially suspected. When Spencer and Emily break into his locked gardening shed, they find a dark room, surveillance equipment – and many, many pictures of Aria, some of them when she’s sleeping, it looks like. Eww.

Speaking of Aria, she’s busy having sexy dreams about Jason and feeling guilty about it. Before the girls can tell her what they found, he kisses her, but Aria says she’s not available and runs off. Well, that ought to make the psychotic stalker go away quietly.

Emily and Spencer go back to the shed to get a picture so they can convince Aria how creepy Jason is – and my DVR CUTS OFF, OH MY GOD, NOOOOO! That is a major bummer, I’ll have to DVR the next airing and see what happens in the last 2 minutes. *frowny face*

In romantic news, Emily is suddenly single after A blackmails her into giving her digits to Samara’s friend Zoey. Samara finds out about it and breaks up with Emily because Emily won’t give her a straight answer about why she did it.

And in a couple random storylines, Caleb meets up with his birth mom and they really hit it off, but she wants him to come to California to spend time with her, so he’s leaving Rosewood, for now. Aww. As he leaves, he and Hanna say “I love you” to each other. Is it getting a little dusty in here? *sniffle*

And Jenna is getting a prosthetic cornea transplant to restore her sight. Until then, she and Officer Boyfriend keep spying on the liars.

Finally, Ashley Marin wins the Cool Mom Award for her dealing with Emily’s girlfriend and letting her and all Samara’s friends come over for poker night. Yay Mrs. Marin!

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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