jenna drowns pretty little liars into the deep 'Pretty Little Liars': Jenna goes 'Into the Deep' at Emily's birthday partyOn the latest “Pretty Little Liars,” it’s Emily’s surprise party. Surprise! Someone’s dead in the pond! Happy birthday!


OK, not really. Jenna didn’t drown, though that would’ve been quite the twist, since she was seemingly just talking about Alison being alive. But who tried to kill her? Does anybody know what Paige was doing? There’s a history of Paige trying to drown people. Ahem.

Especially since Paige was being kind of cagey about the whole incident, thinking maybe Jenna hit her head on a rock. Um, in Rosewood? No. It’s more likely a rock jumped up and smashed Jenna than it is that she had an accident.

Shana, however, tells Spencer that Alison is dead and that Jenna is afraid of Cece Drake, who then maybe shows up in a red trench coat and crawls underneath the DiLaurentis house porch. Was that Cece? Or Alison? Or Alison’s evil twin? What do you think?

And the A Tag features a gloved someone sending Toby some sheet music. Hmm. But next week — Wren is back! Woot!


In other news, there are more heartaches for Paige and Emily — Emily isn’t going to be ready to follow Paige to Stanford on a scholarship, even with help from a fancy swim coach in Philadelphia. It’s pretty heartbreaking when they face facts that they probably won’t survive Paige’s move to California after graduation. *sniffle*


Ashley is out on bail, since Mona’s confession created enough doubt in the judge’s mind to keep her in Rosewood with a Lindsay Lohan ankle monitor. Sorry, no chardonnay for you, Ms. Marin.

Mona is also free, because there’s no evidence aside from her wacky confession. And who posted Ashley’s bail? Pastor Ted, who is very sweet to her, but also a little creepy. Is there a chance he shot Wilden?


Toby finds the Nigel Wright number linked to an apartment in NYC. The girl who rented it left a forwarding address that leads to a PO box in Philly, but so far, that’s all we know. And that’s pretty much it for Spoby this week.

Aria’s Problems

In the land of problems no on cares about, Aria is mad jealous of Jake and some random blonde girl named Kim who randomly show up at Emily’s birthday after Jake randomly slept on Aria’s couch because Byron is randomly in Syracuse.

And Ezra’s badly-coiffed baby mama Maggie is starting grad school in Washington and taking their son with them. He’s prepared to fight, though, so look out fozzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

So, is Cece Drake Red Coat? Is she the one Wilden and Melissa and Garrett are all afraid of? Both? One or the other? There’s a lot happening and only three episodes left until we break for the summer, gang.

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