wren pll 'Pretty Little Liars' Julian Morris on Wren's return: 'There's going to be fireworks'He’s ba-aaack!

Last week, “Pretty Little Liars” fans saw the return of Melissa and Spencer’s former love interest Wren (Julian Morris). To say our Liars were shocked to learn Melissa was secretly meeting up with Wren — who left Rosewood early in Season 1 — is a bit of an understatement.
Zap2it chatted with Julian Morris about coming back to “PLL,” what Wren’s been up to and what his return will mean for Spencer and Toby. And yes, before you rage in the comments, we did ask if Wren could possibly be the father of Melissa’s baby. Morris’ answer? Silence. Take from that what you will. 
Zap2it: Welcome back to Rosewood! How does it feel to be back? 
Morris: It feels fantastic, it feels really, really cool. I miss not being there, so it’s great now that I’m back seeing everyone. I kept friends with a bunch of the cast, like Lucy [Hale], I had seen at her premiere for “Scream 4” and we kept in contact and Troian [Bellisario]. So it was great seeing everyone within that context of “here we are at the table read in our characters, playing our characters,” so that was fun.

When did they approach you about returning to the show? 

There were never really talks. It was never like if i’m coming back, it was more when would be the right time for Wren to make another appearance. It just seemed like a particularly good time with the storyline and everything. 
When you left the show to star on “My Generation,” were there talks of you still returning to “PLL”?
It’s funny both the shows were ABC shows. ABC Family and “My Generation” was ABC, so there was never a conflict of interest. I went to Texas [for “My Generation”] so I could hop back on and do “Pretty Little Liars.” Certainly, in my mind at least, I love doing the show and I would have jumped at the chance to go back, as I have.
How long will you be back for? A couple of episodes or will you be sticking around for the rest of Season 2?
I don’t know, I hope for awhile. I’m committed to do a few episodes and I think the writers are just going to see how Wren fits in with the rest of the characters and how the fans react to the storyline and his storyline. I love the show so hopefully for a few more.
So what has Wren been up to since leaving Rosewood? 
They gave me some hints and it’s fantastic. What I can tell you is that Wren is now a doctor, I’m now at a residency at Rosewood General.
When Wren left, he told Spencer he wished he met her first. Will we see sparks fly between those two again?
I mean it’s clear the Wren felt like he made the wrong choice. For him, Spencer was the girl. I certainly think from how Wren feels those emotions run deep, so when he sees Spencer again, I think you can’t ignore those feelings that he once had. I think sparks could definitely happen.

Obviously no Rosewood couple can stay drama-free for long. Will we be seeing a love triangle with Wren, Spencer and Toby?

Well, I’ve been told that I can reveal that Toby and Wren are going to meet and that there’s going to be some fireworks going on.
Why do you think Wren is the better guy for Spencer?
Why is Wren better for Spencer? Because he’s English. No seriously, because I think he’s a really good person. I think that they would be great together, but I have to say that!

Spencer and Toby — or “Spoby” — have a lot of fans. Are you nervous about possibly facing the wrath of their fans? 

Yeah, I am actually. I’m terrified. No, I’m going be good to Toby. I think whatever happens it’s going to be exciting to watch, its going to be great television. I think no matter whether you’re Team “Spoby” or Team “Wrencer,” it will be fun to watch and see how it plays out, if indeed it does.  

Wren was engaged to Melissa so he obviously loved her before meeting Spencer. Is there a chance Wren and Melissa might rekindle their romance?

She’s very much into Ian and she’s obviously pregnant. Wren for me is a inheritantly good person. He’s a good character and certainly how I’m going to approach him as a character is that he went away because he didn’t want to keep screwing up the Hastings family. He did some pretty bad things and so how I’m going to approach it as an actor is that one of the reasons why he was away from them and left Rosewood was because he needed to put a break on things and to reassess. That said, he’s back now and those feelings that he had for Spencer as for Melissa could very well still be there.
Is Wren coming back to Rosewood with any secrets?

It’s “Pretty Little Liars,” of course. I think he’s been up to a lot, I think there’s going to be some pretty cool secrets.

Could he possibly be working with “A”?

That would be great if he was “A.” I dont know if he is. Who knows, who knows.

What kind of reaction did you get from fans on Twitter when it was announced you would be returning?
It was amazing, it was incredible. It was funny because he’s been away for awhile now; I knew some people would be excited about Wren coming back, but it was incredible the reaction from fans, which was humbling and exciting. I’m really really greatful to all those people who are excited that Wren is coming back.
How would you compare Season 2 to Season 1?
I would say that it’s a little more edgy and it’s a little more darker. That said, it’s still the same show that everyone loves. So it’s great. The storyline’s fantastic — how it evolves and how it sort of weaves and interweaves with the other characters — it’s brilliant and it’s pretty exciting.
Watch “Pretty Little Liars” tonight, July 5, at 8 p.m. EST on ABC Family.

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