keegan allen pll 320 interview 'Pretty Little Liars' Keegan Allen: Toby is 'really elusive, cool and mysterious'The next in Zap2it’s summer series “The Guys of ‘Pretty Little Liars'” is Keegan Allen, who plays the enigma that is Toby Cavanaugh on the show.

We had to find out Keegan’s take on Toby, the brooding neighbor of the “Liars.”

“He is amazing. I feel that he is really, really elusive, cool and mysterious,” says Keegan. We love his use of adjectives. We think we’ll dub Toby Cavanaugh the “Elusive Hottie” of “Pretty Little Liars.”

“He only talks when he needs to talk and when he does talk there are like clues,” Keegan continues. “He really thinks things out. He’s a man of few words.”

Keegan also informs us that the fans are referring to the Toby-Emily pairing as “Tomily.” So what is going on with “Tomily?”

“I don’t want to give away secrets but you will find out some really, really interesting things in the following episodes,” Keegan teases.

As to whether or not Toby knows about Maya, Keegan says, “I’m going to leave that to the viewers’ imagination.”

And finally, when pressed to choose a favorite of the “Liars,” Keegan says, “That’s putting me on the spot. I like every single one of them in different ways. There’s just no way to have a favorite. They’re like the Power Rangers. You can’t just like one of them.”

Excellent. “Pretty Little Power Rangers.” We smell a spin-off!

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