jason-spencer-PLL.jpgThe big bombshell of the week on “Pretty Little Liars” is that Jason DiLaurentis and Spencer are half-siblings. Her dad had an affair with Ali and Jason’s mom. Spencer’s mom knew all this time, but Melissa doesn’t know yet.

In Kate news, turns out she sent the picture herself and it’s a photoshop job. Luckily, Ashley Marin stuck by Hanna until Hanna could get proof. Because Ashley rocks as a mom.

Mona overhears the Vice Principal being crappy to Emily and helps get back at him and get Emily reinstated on the swim team. Is there an ulterior motive? We kind of hope there isn’t – we like Mona and she’d be a fun addition to the group, to change things up a bit.

Also, her “Toad of Toad Hall” reference means she is clearly a “Downton Abbey” fan.

And in “A” news – the ticket Spencer found leads to a red trenchcoat that has a phone number on a slip of paper in the pocket. The girls call it, posing as a friend of “Vivian’s” and speak to both a female and a male. They agree to meet the male.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Caleb just gets more awesome with each passing episode. When he stood up to Jenna, we actually said, “You go, Caleb!” right out loud.
  • How disgusting was the Vice Principal towards Emily? At the Truth Lock-In, no less. Talk about a bully. And can you spell “lawsuit”?
  • Noel and Jenna continue to be gross and/or creepy. Do you suppose Noel is a member of the NAT club?
  • Our interest is definitely piqued about the fat woman in the tub top at the Farmer’s Market.
  • Oh, and Holden is a drug-dealing ninja. Or something.

At the end, Caleb’s laptop got swiped by “A,” which comes into play next week. Uh oh, Caleb.

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