lindsey shaw clevver tv clip 320 'Pretty Little Liars': Lindsey Shaw talks Paige and cutting her hair for the showSomeone should tell Emily (Shay Mitchell) to watch her back come February because there’s a new girl coming to “Pretty Little Liars” looking to take her down.

“10 Things I Hate About You” (RIP!) star Lindsey Shaw will make her debut on ABC Family’s hit show in February (the fifth episode to be exact) and she did an interview with Clevver TV to talk about her character Paige’s agenda, cutting her hair and how long she’ll be sticking around.

“Emily decides to go back to the swim team, she took a little break, and when she comes back she sort of knows off Paige who had been the top dog since she left,” she explains. “Paige is doing everything she can to get rid of Emily, some very, very mean-spirited things from this girl.”

But like every TV mean girl, there’s more to Paige than meets the eye. “You think she’s a little evil at first just because you really don’t know her what her agenda, what her motivation is,” she says. “She’s crazy and then you realize she’s a sweet girl who just has insecurities and troubles like everybody else and you want to be nice to her.”

Shaw also reveals the reason behind her new haircut (a blunt bob with bangs).

“I really didn’t think i was going to get this role because there’s already three brunettes on “Pretty Little Liars.” So I went in and I had my hair a little longer and then [the producers] called me and were like, ‘Well if you cut and color your hair, you got it.'” 

So how long will Paige be sticking around?  “You’re going to get this nice little three episode arc presentation, and then we’ll see where it goes,” says Shaw.

She adds, “The last moment of this third episode, it kind of hints that there will be some unresolved business to attend to. Whenever they decide to resolve that and bring that back, I think I might be back, but I don’t want to speak to anything.”

Now, onto the question everyone’s wondering: Could Paige be “A”? Shaw jokes, “There is an A’ in Paige.” While that is true, we’re thinking “A” doesn’t have time to be on the swim team and destroy the girls lives at the same time.

Shaw also talks about her first day on set.

“I was a little nervous driving in that day,” she says. “I got there and it was just instantly awesome. The crew is so nice. After the first scene was done, I was like, I feel so good here. This is going to be so much fun. So much different than anything I’ve done and yet feel so comfortable to see where it can go and what I can do with this.”

One complaint Shaw does have about the show? The swim cap she has to wear during the swim team scenes. “I can’t — I can’t with the swim cap and your hair still gets wet. So why with the swim cap?”

Mark your calendars: “PLL” returns Monday, Jan. 3.

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