sasha pieterse getty 'Pretty Little Liars': 'Lolita,' Vivian Darkbloom   don't stand so close to meOn the latest “Pretty Little Liars,” A sets his or her sights on Hanna, in a big way. And “Lolita” may give us another piece of the Alison puzzle.

First off, A warns Hanna to make Caleb stop working on the cell phone files or Hanna’s mother will be exposed for her thievery at the bank. Then A sends an email to Hanna’s whole address book from her phone that shows her new nemesis Kate topless in the locker room. And it’s a shame, because Spencer had blackmailed Kate into being nice to Hanna based on some old embarrassing picture from camp. But we have a feeling Kate won’t care so much about that anymore.

In Ezria Land, Byron recommends Ezra for a position as an Associate Dean. At Hollis’ satellite campus in New Orleans. Yikes. And Aria has an actual friend date with Holden, when she spies a very suspicious bruise on his side. Hmm.

Speaking of dates, Emily takes Maya out with her mom while she’s in town and Maya is a total pill. She’s not over Emily’s mom getting her shipped off to sober camp, so she thinks the best solution is to act ridiculous.

And in Alison news, it turns out Ali had a fake ID identifying her as Vivian Darkbloom, which was a pseudonym of Vladimir Nabokov (it’s an anagram). He wrote “Lolita,” the tale of a young girl whose stepfather is obsessed with her and with whom she becomes sexually involved. That’s … interesting.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • We think Alison’s involvement with Ian definitely qualifies her as a Lolita, but is there someone else? Some other older man?
  • If you’re looking for an actual Lolita story that’s sweet and lovely and not gross or inappropriate, you should check out “Beautiful Girls.” Timothy Hutton and Natalie Portman will kill you dead.
  • There were more than a few laugh-out-loud moments in this one (and not in a good way). Caleb’s techno-fu with the videotape? Zooming in on the license and sharpening the image? Um, no. And Ezra saying that glaciers don’t melt very fast, “that’s why they call it the Ice Age.” Um, what does that even mean? I’m not sure he’s qualified to teach first grade with that nonsense.
  • What do you suppose J&L is? A pawn shop?
  • The tease at the end with Peter Hastings’ gun was great.
  • Oh, and we are totally coveting a Rosewood High gym uniform.

What did you think, PLL fans?

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