lucy hale pretty little liars interview 320 'Pretty Little Liars' Lucy Hale answers fan questionsAfter “Pretty Little Liars” star Lucy Hale dished the dirt on Aria and Mr. Fitz, the Montgomery family and Officer Wilden’s return, she fielded some fan questions submitted to Zap2it via Twitter.


Has she stayed in touch her “American Juniors” costars?

“The one that I mostly keep up with is Katelyn Tarver … she’s working on her music, she’s so talented. I still talk to Danielle (White) and Tori and Taylor (Thompson) every now and then. Then the others — we have each other’s Facebooks and Twitters, like very lightly keep in touch. It seems like everyone’s doing really well.”


Who is your style inspiration?

“I am sort of all over the place. I see something and buy it. I don’t have a signature look that I like … I love shoes. It’s just sort of whatever I think is cute. I look at girls my age in magazines and on the streets and see what they wear. I love fashion, but I don’t know how I would describe my style.”


Advice 4 aspiring actors?

“Definitely just take every opportunity you can get. Every audition, every acting class. You never know what small thing — there;s no small job. You never know what opportunities can come from something. Take advice but try to ignore the negative, if that makes sense? Take the negative advice and learn from it, but brush off the stuff … stay smart, stay grounded and be very grateful.”

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