lucy pll phone 'Pretty Little Liars' Lucy Hale on Aria and Ezra's future: 'There's a lot of friction'“Pretty Little Liars”‘ couples and drama go together like peanut butter and jelly, don’t they?

The couple arguably dealing with the most drama in Season 2 is Rosewood’s original — and dare we say fan favorite? — couple, Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding). A new job, two new love interests (underwear model included) and a sizable age difference can do that to a relationship.

“Ezra has resigned has the English teacher so he’s going to go to teach at Hollis College. Aria, to spend more time with him, enrolls in Hollis,” Hale tells Zap2it. “Season 2 will be about them trying to make this more of an adult relationship — more out in the open, more public. But there are a lot more speed bumps and it’s a lot harder than they think.”

One of those speed bumps? Ezra’s ex-fiance Jackie, who, as we learned in the finale, also works at Hollis College. Hale says, “Jackie is still around. She’ll have a big part in Season 2.”

Will we be seeing any tension between Ezra’s former and current loves? “There hasn’t been a catfight yet,” Hale says with a laugh. “Aria has
always been very intimidated by Jackie. She’s a beautiful, successful,
older woman. She knows that Ezra really cared about her, they were
engaged. It causes a lot of friction for Aria and Ezra.”

drew pll 'Pretty Little Liars' Lucy Hale on Aria and Ezra's future: 'There's a lot of friction'Hale also teases, “There’s actually going to be a love triangle because there’s another guy in the picture for her.” E! Online recently reported that the new guy is actually Alison’s brother  Jason DiLaurentis, who will not be played by Drew Van Acker (he was originally played by Parker Bagley). Executive producer Marlene King tells E!, “He plays a dark and mysterious guy, and he taps into Aria’s dark and mysterious side.”

While Hale isn’t sure how fans will react to Jason and Aria’s romance considering Ezra and Aria are the show’s main couple, she tells us that she’s enjoying the relationship. “I think it brings a whole new element to Aria’s storyline and the guys
are completely opposite, but both great,” she tells us. “It shows a different side of
Aria and that’s why I really like the storyline.”

Another guy bringing drama into Aria’s life in Season 2? Her little brother Mike. “That episodes that we’re shooting now have a lot to do with Mike,” Hale explains. “My parents are trying to rekindle their marriage and Aria’s sort of taking care of her little brother. He starts rebelling because of the divorce and Aria feels responsible for that.”

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