mona melissa pll 'Pretty Little Liars': Population of Rosewood takes a hit?The “Pretty Little Liars” Homecoming dance brought out the finest clothing, sparkly baubles — and the claws from Melissa Hastings (Torrey DeVitto) and Mona Vanderwaal (Janel Parrish).

We sort of already knew about Melissa’s bitchtastic nature — who else could make us feel sorry for a girl who steals both her sister’s boyfriend and her English paper? But she really let it rip at the dance, telling Alex that Spencer is only dating him to make their dad angry. And Alex leaving was a bummer — but we feel confident they’ll get back together.

It was nice to see more of Mona, even if she was being a total snot to Hanna’s new puppy-dog-eyed friend Lucas.

Speaking of making people angry with your dates, Emily makes quite a scene by going to Homecoming with Toby. The Liars are angry and Maya is hurt, plus Spencer figures out that Toby’s tattoo that says “901 Free at Last” might indicate the day Alison disappeared. So Hanna is off to the dentist office building to snake Jenna’s psychotherapy file.

But she finds Toby’s file instead, just as he is creepily taking Emily up to the chemistry lab at the high school. Turns out he was actually in Rosewood when Alison went missing and that the dirt she had on him was that he was fooling around with his step-sister Jenna!  OMFG! Guess Keegan Allen wasn’t kidding when he said lots of interesting things are happening in the next couple episodes.

How about the big Emily chase scene with the mirrors and circus tent background, Liars? And then the town population change by the mysterious gloved hand! How spooky was that? But Emily isn’t dead, right? Nah.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Did you catch Rose Abdoo as the gypsy fortune teller? She played Gypsy the mechanic on “Gilmore Girls.” Hee!
  • It’s interesting that Emily couldn’t tell Maya she had no feelings for her — we’d started thinking Maya was pretty much out of the picture. Nice to see that storyline wasn’t just dropped.
  • What do we think of new Rosewood fella Lucas (Brendan Robinson)? We hope we see more of him.
  • But we did still feel for poor Sean, who was pretty much ignored by Hanna at the dance.

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