pretty little liars season 3 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: A Broken BoneIt’s been five months since Jenna sent Garrett to jail and Mona was institutionalized. Everybody’s been off doing summery things — Aria spent the summer being pretentious, Spencer was hardcore and uptight, Hanna had zero accountability and Emily has become a mean crazy drunk — but now they are back, and getting lame A messages like “Show me your boobs.” But after Emily is lured out in an Ambien haze and discovered next to Alison’s open — and empty — grave, the whole thing starts up again.

But as the girls scramble to keep this latest Shovel Discovery from ending their lives as usual, we learn they’ve been keeping secrets too. Emily’s distraught over Maya’s death and having secret meetings with Toby about it. Aria’s parents are finally calling it quits, so she’s decided to force her mother to interact with Ezra as much as possible. Spencer’s hiding secret calls and a possible alliance with Garrett, and has also set up camp in A’s old lair at the Lost Woods Resort.

And Hanna? Well — beyond her newfound dedication to expanding her vocabulary, with fabulous results — she’s been visiting Mona, with Dr. Wren’s encouragement, trying to snap her out of her fugue state. By the end of the episode, she’s half-succeeded: Mona’s now cognizant enough to be keeping company with Alison’s Ghost, if not fully speaking and spelling again. (Next week, it seems, the Lambs will begin screaming in earnest.)

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