pretty little liars season 3 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: A Necklace Made Of Human TeethWell, guess who finally showed up? Aria Montgomery, with a pack of one-liners that would make Mona Vanderwaal blush. If she weren’t, you know, locked up in Radley getting visited by an increasingly frustrated Hanna, of course. After a few broken dates with Caleb — and some major chemistry with Dr. Wren — Hanna drags Caleb along for a visit in which she actually gets Mona to open up and say some vaguely scary words after, sniff, giving her a nuthouse makeover that brought tears to our eyes.

But all too soon, Mona slips beneath the waves again — if, it seems, less so next week — and is content to do **** like stab herself with tweezers until she bleeds everywhere. So yeah, the Hanna visits are definitely helping in Mona’s recovery.

Aria, an absolute joy to be around the whole episode, gets a message from A in the form of an earring from Ali’s grave, which it would seem disgusting Alison planted in Byron’s office during his affair with Meredith in order to send Aria fully berserk. So there’s a whole flashback sequence where Aria goes bat**** and helps Alison wreck his office, which is apparently when things went really toxic and scary between Byron and his lucky student, back in the day. Somehow, ****in’ Byron twists this around to be something tacky his daughter did, and demands that Aria apologize to Meredith for that one time she sabotaged their gross affair. It’s super creepy, but then both Meredith and Byron are 100 percent creepy, so fine. Whatever it takes to make Aria act as non-stop freaking excellent as she did tonight, bring it.

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