pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: A Pain In The AHahaha! That was amazing! Did you ever see a thing like that in your life? What a thing!

Okay, so somehow — with Melissa wandering around the place eating yogurt as least as creepily as her late hubby used to drink milk — the girls get the next clue: A Psycho hotel outside town where a hot stroke victim does taxidermy and the usual Norman Bates stuff like that. Alison was stalking A and stayed in the room next door to her lair… The day she died, of course, in between hot-air balloon rides and starting her own small business and winning the Preakness at Pimlico and whatever.

The girls spend the night, getting stalked by A and watched from next door, Hanna takes a shower, the whole thing. No dice. So then there’s a Masquarade Ball, of course. Mona produces Caleb for Hanna, earning herself a very sweet speech from Spencer about what a good friend she is, and then Spencer drags her back to the motel in the middle of the Ball so they can sneak into A’s lair.

A’s lair is ****in’ great. There are pictures on every surface, with Ali’s eyes painstakingly cut out, there are Bratz dollz and burlap baby-face monster masks and a clown and music boxes and whatever. It makes you feel like Fiver when you walk in there.

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