pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: Bad Boys & Mean GirlsWell, first of all Holden actually is in a Fight Club or is a Real Life Superhero. Details forthcoming, but I just wanted to get that longshot out of the way.

The picture of Naked Kate released last week occasions the school to hold an all-night anti-bullying rally along the lines of MTV’s excellent If You Really Knew Me series, aimed at reforming Hanna and her gals from sending out more pictures with thumbs covering the nipple every time. Of course, observant Hanna notes evidence of Photoshopping, and by the end of the night the Liars have trapped Kate into admitting that she released the picture herself.

Last week’s claim check has led us to Vivian Darkbloom’s raincoat, which contains a phone number that the Liars keep calling — and by episode’s end, they’ve made contact with (surprise!) a creepy old guy we’ll be meeting with next week. Aria spends the episode atoning for a Truly Outrageous chartreuse number that must be seen to be believed but eventually ends up getting stuck on the roof… Where she is saved from a very angry Noel Kahn — hunting the halls for Caleb after he bitches Jenna out hardcore — by the brutal roundhouse of her beard. (And here you thought A had finally noticed her existence, but no.)

Also showing new and exciting talents? Miss Mona Vanderwaal, who apparently is some kind of mockingbird ventriloquist impersonator and advanced computer hacker, and uses these skills to blackmail the VP into letting Emily back on the squad. What with these sudden friendships she’s forming with everybody, it gives one cause to wonder, especially as she seems mostly motivated by Emily’s apologies for standing by during Alison’s tortures.

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