pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: Caged Heat & Vocal FryIt’s been a month since the Liars variously wrecked a wedding, uncovered Gallic plagiarism at the highest levels of academe, accidentally committed suicide by CO2, and got themselves arrested for murder. They’ve spent that time on highway garbage detail, slowly going insane from the pressure and turning on each other in a hissing, spitting, hair-pulling group breakdown that has all their boyfriends buzzing.

Just kidding, that’s the trick: In reality, Spencer’s latest amazing plan is to create the illusion of cutting Emily out of the group, hoping their torturer will try to turn her. Basically what the plan comes down to is them standing around in hallways yelling not so cryptic things at each other, but it’s still very stylish to watch.

Aria and Spencer are still pushing their boyfriends Ezra and Toby away, in the hopes that they can keep them clear of the ongoing hash their dead best friend continues to make of their lives. Once Ezra learns about Jackie’s blackmailing ways, though, he decides it’s finally time to tell the Montgomerys of their forbidden love.

The episode is pwned entirely by Holly Marie Combs at this point, as per usual; Byron throws around a lot of terrifying English Lit threats; Mikey hauls off and hits Ezra in a sweetly dysfunctional attempt to deflect any physical damage. Really, the takeaway is that everybody finally knows about the affair, and everybody — including Aria and Ezra — finally has to admit how damn creepy they both are.

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