pretty little liars season 3 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: "Car Rental? Ashley, You Could Rent A Yurt!"Hanna’s got a limited amount of time to figure out whose blood is on the anklet, since Wilden’s fairly sure it’s hers and her legal guardian/mother’s out of town. While Veronica works on a court order to stop them testing her blood — because let’s be honest, on this show it’s going to somehow be her blood — A steps up the game and brings up a major thing from the past that we never knew about.

Spencer pulls Toby into her **** when he claims to be her alibi for saving Jason (who’s losing his **** in a big way after last week’s anklet debacle) from his own drunken hit-and-run accident. The DiLaurentises are not doing well, overall: For reasons that play out across the hour, Mr. D is back in town and pretty much interested in screaming at Hanna in whatever public place he can find.

No traction on Emily’s memory or the million other things for now, but with Hanna having spontaneous flashbacks to huge events and secret codes every few minutes, there’s hardly time for that. However, she does get involved with a strange new Rosewood resident: The glamorous CeCe Drake, presumably the “old friend” mentioned in last week’s Alison flashback, who is now in town on a permanent basis for reasons apparently having to do with Jason. Lotta secrets with this girl, but so far she seems to be another version of Ali, even down to her bitchy wild schemes: By episode’s end, she’s done Emily the favor of breaking up Jenna and Cousin Nate before they can even start dating.

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