pretty little liars season 3 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: Cobra InsuranceAfter Paige is completely awesome regarding Emily’s kissing session with Cousin Nate, you know it’s only a matter of time before something terrible happens, and it totally does! Turns out Paige and Alison had a violent history that Paige’s kept silent about, but once Cece Drake fills Spencer in on the basics, that old Hastings Magic starts up and Spencer decides Paige killed everybody. Emily, on the other hand, turns pretty viciously on the other Liars as a result of their meddling.

Seems that Ali was scared enough of Paige that she rigged a blackmail plot using Emily as bait, resulting in a coming-out letter that Alison used against her enemy until her death. Spencer refers to Paige as a “snake” at one point, and they go through her purse, but not before someone locks Spencer in a dressing room and starts throwing real snakes at her. Like a boss, Cece Drake eventually saves her, but we’re left wondering exactly what happened and why.

Meanwhile, Wesley Fitzgerald is fantastic in supporting Aria after she visits Maggie — the girl Ezra knocked up and his mom bought off — and learns that Ezra’s son is very much alive. Aria’s constant fussing about Maggie has induced Ezra to give her a call of his own, though, and she doesn’t mention anything about their child. So now Wesley and Aria have two problems, because if Maggie is only lying as part of the agreement with Diane, then setting Ezra off could have dire consequences for the kid himself.

Hanna spends the episode freaking out about that USB drive Spencer threw at Ian the night Mona murdered him, in that church that time, which Pastor Ted has randomly found. She warns Jenna — after all, it contains her major secret — and tries to come up with multiple plans in sexy secret places with Caleb to get it back, but eventually it’s Ashley who destroys it: Seems one of the videos was from her days of sexual bribery with Officer Wilden.

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