pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: Cyberwolf: Based On The Novel Push By SapphireHmm. Some very strange writing choices w/r/t the characters’ voices as established, but it’s fine because there was so very much plot happening the entire time — and some truly amazing moments, most of them involving Hanna being awesome after her breakthrough last week — that you don’t even really notice.

The action centers on the lead-up and follow-through of Ian’s funeral, after the girls’ grisly discovery of his apparent suicide last week. Hanna wants to wear red and dance on his grave, while Spencer just wants to get the funeral done so Melissa will stop being so scarily comatose — and because, with Ian in the ground, she’s increasingly wary of letting A lead them down this path of obsession for the rest of their lives. Aria, of course, views the funeral as the chance for her to debut her relationship with Ezra publicly, because have you met Aria.

Emily, though, Emily just can’t let it go. In the wake of Spencer suddenly chilling out — requiring a new head to grow back in her place to contain the crazy — and given the fact that she was in love with Alison and always cared more about solving her murder than the rest of them, eventually figures out that the suicide note/confession was a creation of A — most likely to get the cops off her case once and for all, while still using the Liars to solve it while also torturing them.

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