pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: Danny Isn't Here, Mrs. TorranceHoly hell!

Aria, as usual, spends the episode dealing with Ezra stuff and missing out on all the insanity: Turns out Byron is thinking about sending her to boarding school since the New Orleans plan didn’t work out. The twist is that Ella’s onboard, now that she’s beginning to see just how often A messes with Aria’s entire situation. Aria lunges into full-on crazy mode, threatening to out Byron’s affair with a student and doing everything she can to make Ella cry, and then once Ella tells her how horrible she’s being, runs off to finally have sex with Ezra.

It’s all pretty much awesome, containing as it does the opportunity form Aria to show us about five personalities we’ve never seen before — Enraged Aria, Doing-It Aria — as well as Ella doing her usual wonderful deal and even Ezra being pretty excellent. One finds oneself interested in seeing what happens next, rather than experiencing Ezria as a low powerline hum unrelated to the rest of the show.

As for the rest of the episode, it is utterly insane. Just bat**** crazy. It begins with Alison sneaking into Spencer’s bedroom to say her usual cryptic things and tell Spencer she’s on the right track — meaning once again Aria’s been left out, as everybody has now hallucinated Ali at least once — and Spencer experiencing her usual-of-late mixture of terror of and protectiveness toward her sister. Who is, of course, dating Garrett and maybe even having his baby… Which matters more now that he’s been arrested for the murder of Alison!

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