pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: Good Will HannaAmazing! Both as a good (and quite well-written) episode of television, and also in terms of a bunch of game-changers happening pretty much non-stop.

Hanna lets Caleb talk her into going on a double-date with Lucas — his own idea, of course, because he’s scared of girls — which ends up being held at her house, for some reason. Hanna eventually decides to let Lucas go, to the extent that she engineers him getting together with that girl Danielle, and eventually he’s so touched by her selfless friendship that it inspires her to take therapy seriously.

Which works out both ways. On the one hand there’s an amazing scene where she confronts the ghost of Alison and has a total breakthrough — from the body stuff to the grief stuff to the fact that Alison was a gross bitch, which she never quite managed to figure out on her own — but then on the other hand, somebody goes ape**** in Therapy Anne’s office afterward, making Hanna look way crazier than even she ever was.

Aria’s moderately happy that her mom has taken over Ezra’s classes, but would be a lot more excited if her bitchy little bro Mike were onboard with their family slowly knitting itself back together. Unfortunately, he has a Bluetooth now and is thus beyond saving. (If this mess somehow involves Noel Kahn, all will be forgiven.) Meanwhile, shirtless Jason DiLaurentis makes it clear that he’s interested in her, so watch for that drama to play out.

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