pretty little liars season 3 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: Happy Jennaversary!Apparently something has changed, because Jenna has decided to come out of the closet about her sightedness and throw herself a big birthday party in the bargain, with a Wonderland theme. (Red Queen, anyone?) Hanna must regret, because she’s still flipping out about Caleb dumping her and because she gets roped into working at a rummage sale where Ashley picks up a total silver fox, and she finds the jacket Emily was wearing that night she went wandering the streets. Why is it in the donation box at the rummage sale, and how come we still don’t know what happened between her run-in with Jenna and waking up at the gravesite? Well, it’s the best part of the episode, so:

Emily decides to ask Paige out again, because that always goes so well, and gives her the flask she was drinking from That Night. She ends up having to work the Jenna party — which is at the Brew, which yes, is the coffee shop where Toby lives, because Jenna is creepy — so Paige comes along, accidentally roofies herself, and is such a hot mess you can’t even believe it. Spinning plates, running sideways on walls like the Matrix, slam-dunking decorations, almost punching Jenna for no reason… It’s glorious. It is glorious. And in the end, we learn that the flask is roofied, which explains Emily’s memory issues, but that’s not all…

Lucas spends the episode trying to get something out of this photo lab he just got fired from, which is owned by the lady Jenna’s hired for the party, who is also Aria’s old photography teacher. (Not to mention, Melanie Mayron basically played the Aria Montgomery of her time on thirtysomething.) So — amidst a pretty great Ezria plotline about his money woes and her casual emasculation — Aria figures out a way to take Lucas’s job, get into the lady’s studio, and locate… Three more of the same pills used to roofie Emily and now Paige. And where did he get them? Mona, of course.

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