pretty little liars season 3 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: "I Could Have A Lot Of Emotionally Disturbed Friends."Whew! That was a lot. This season is really good. Okay, from the top. Emily assumes that it was A who cheated her test for her, since that’s exactly what went down with Operation Pain Cream, but sensibly heads immediately to Ella to confess. Ella is so shocked by anybody taking the direct approach to anything on this show that she does another unheard-of thing, and tells the truth. Once Ella’s job is threatened, Ezra jumps in to play the White Male card and earns himself a pat on the back from the Vice Principal for cheating. He assures everybody that this has nothing to do with Aria, and then gives Emily the opportunity to take a new test to prove herself to herself. It is great! Also great: Emily is acting so Spencer Psycho that the Liars are finally starting to notice; Ezra is being so awesome and charming that Ella is starting to defrost.

Aria — still reeling from the news that she and her compatriots have been stalked by a ghost ninja for the last two seasons, which she’d never noticed — agrees to play piano for Jenna so she can do some sleuthing and have some weird conversations. As per usual, this turns up exactly one clue, which is a meeting at a gun shop, so the Liars follow Jenna there, and — as is their wont — start taking off their earrings the second Jenna comes flouncing out of there with working eyeballs.

They corner Jenna in an alley and are horrible to her some more — I was convinced there would be actual violence — and she finally reveals that she’s being stalked as well, which is why she’s been lying about her sight since the first operation, when she cried that time. (There’s still the Geordie LaForge thing happening where just knowing that she has eyeballs and seeing her eyeballs is itself creepy, after two years of the shades, but I guess that’ll fade eventually.) Oh, and Emily’s memory of Jenna’s car: She picked her up on the sidewalk, drunk, and then had to drop her off a block later because Emily was going berserk. So, no go there.

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