pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: Like A Bell To A Southerly WindAfter an altercation with Mikey leaves Ella with some accidental bruises, Aria agrees with Byron’s plan* to medicate his brain out. A single touching heart-to-heart later, Aria decides to come clean about Mikey’s other crimes on the way to helping him not be crazy anymore; Mike is tired of being crazy and ready for treatment, so it kind of works out.

Also confessing: Emily, who is just sick of A’s **** and ready to talk. She runs to Anne’s office only to find the other Liars there waiting for her, worried to death, and they finally tell all about A and how things have been going down. In the middle of all that, Maya comes back to town all hopped up on Centrum Silver and makes Emily’s post-Samara broken heart go pitter-pat once again.

Anne goes to the police after A starts menacing her, but they don’t care because obviously Garrett is going to stop that investigation before it starts. She finally figures out who A is, but by the time the girls get to her office she’s gone, presumably having been brutally murdered.

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