pretty little liars season 3 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: Okay, CupidNo, the episode’s title does not refer to Aria, but I see where you’re coming from. Any case, this one was amazing. Not only was there a lot of quality Ella time — and Ella/Ashley time — but there were some “breaks” that felt more like actual breaks than they usually do. From the top:

After the Liars infiltrate Melissa’s apartment in Philly, Spencer finally gets to the bottom of several slow-burn mysteries. (1) Melissa was the Black Swan, but only because A blackmailed her into attending the Masquerade Ball and distracting Jenna from [the Queen of Hearts] whatever was really going on that night. (But this might be a lie, because of Jenna’s secret actions before the Dance, so maybe we still don’t know why Melissa was the Black Swan.)

How this was accomplished, allegedly, is that A knew that Melissa has been faking her pregnancy (2) since the day after they found Ian’s apparent suicide situation. And finally, all of this makes Melissa look even more suspicious than usual, which is why Veronica took Garrett’s case (3): One of his witnesses would have put Melissa’s 100 sketchy activities on blast and she would have been on the hook for like every murder. Not that any of this makes actual sense, you understand, but it’s nice to have people talking to each other in that house. Even if they’re talking gibberish and probably lying.

In other news, Jason DiLaurentis has lost his mind once again and goes around plastering the town with rewards offered for info about Ali’s death until Spencer tells him to chill. But true to this show — and this family in particular — he’s still doing something sketchy that we don’t know about, but may have to do with the New A.

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