pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: The Blonde Dragging The BlindHanna takes her career as a superhero to the next level, stepping in to get Toby off the Kool-Aid and back into Spencer’s arms when he arrives in town as Jenna’s squire like the last two seasons never happened. Mona — who provides Hanna with a phone and antibacterial lotion while doing sixteen other things and slowly taking over everybody’s life — even gets in on the action. But alas, Toby’s just as invested in Wrencer as any right-thinking individual may be, and plays his cards close to his giant chest.

But it’s the sudden turning point mid-episode where Hanna really gets **** done: A frames Garrett by inviting Jenna to Jason’s house for a secret meeting, only to knock her out and blow the place up. And who’s there to save her? Hanna and Spencer, of course! It is one of the most awesome things of the entire season, and one we’ve waited long enough to see. Still on the road to eyeball recovery, Jenna’s grateful — although confused, as usual, by the concept of kindness.

In other news, Ella inspires Ezra to blow off Byron’s job offer as a sort of moral Hail Mary, which finally in turn forces Ella and Byron to discuss their daughter’s love life in a fashion less passive-aggressive, and more outright aggressive. Also, Maya emails and texts Emily to say she’s fine and not to contact her parents, so Emily immediately contacts her parents.

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