pretty little liars season 3 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: The Cabin Of The UndyingThis show’s definitely been bringing the scares more reliably this year — I’d say since about Halloween of last year — but man, this was one for the books. It was so scary (robot murder house) and creepy (Cousin Nate going ballistic on Jenna) and oddly sad (the entire concept of Maya’s life, and death).

While Ezra has found the mysterious Maggie that his mom once chased away — and is probably raising a kid Aria’s age over in Delaware — Aria’s more interested in her mother’s blooming romance with Brew owner Zack. While he seems perfectly happy with their arrangement, Ella’s wary of committing too quickly, so Aria swoops in and does the job for her. In the end, they agree to take it slow, but I say they’d both be pretty smart to lock this down while they can.

Emily obsesses on a note Maya left the night she died to the same degree as usual, until Hanna finds a clue on Maya’s Website Page: A few shots of her standing on Noel Kahn’s cabin’s porch in her pajamas some morning or another. Figuring out that he was her weed dealer is not enough, so the plan is hatched to find out more about the connection between Maya and Noel Kahn. (The only other thing Hanna’s got going on is, she and Caleb have decided to keep up the ruse that they’re broken up, which is more complicated than it first looks.)

For her part, Spencer awesomely decides to hide in the boys’ locker room at school, steal his phone and all kinds of crazy stuff, but in the end — and tired of her bugging him all the time — Noel Kahn sends her footage of his cabin the night of Maya’s murder, which includes her getting snatched off-screen at precisely the right time to exonerate Jenna, Noel Kahn and even Garrett for her last abduction.

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