pretty little liars season 3 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: The Ezra & The TrampHold onto your ass, because I’m only going to say this once: Aria and Ezra, separately and as a couple, owned this episode. And that’s not even the most ****ed up thing that happened. Easy ones first.

Spencer and Caleb crack the password on Maya’s website, revealing a lot of regulation Maya nonsense and also a scary video of her in the woods talking about scary things and then getting snagged by cops, the NAT Club, or something else that flashes red.

Oh, Spencer also gets a visit from Toby, who is just completely off the chain at this point, tearin’ around with his hair all crazy, throwing actual “talk to the hand” hands at Hanna. I mean he’s out of his damned mind after this Jason thing. It was spectacular.

Meanwhile, Hanna and Wren work to keep Mona from being transferred to upstate New York — apparently freaking out on werewolves and smuggling roofies to stump-kickers is frowned upon — and Hanna’s heartfelt speech pulls it off. Then, because Wren’s nonstop amazing face is close enough to kiss, she kisses him, like any normal human being would do, and they both react very Britishly and it’s awesome. But I presume this is only happening because Caleb’s back in the picture, so I’m not getting my hopes up.

The deal with Aria is that… okay, at some point they find Veronica’s witness list and Aria randomly runs into this one guy on it, who saw Maya get in Garrett’s cop car the night she died — which I have no idea what night that was at this point because maybe she was just sitting around decomposing in her backyard for a minute — but whatever, that’s not the crazy part.

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