pretty little liars season 3 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: The Marin EraHanna and Spencer hide a fake note on Mrs. Reynold’s comatose body, inviting A to show up at what turns into a Rummage Sale Shindig at the church. I guess when you have a rummage sale that goes on for weeks and takes up the majority of people’s lives, they deserve a party. When Ashley accepts Silver Fox Ted’s invitation on a date, Hanna spins an insanely complicated lie involving Toby and fake dates and whatever madness, for no reason at all.

Spencer ignores Toby’s endless prattle — and exploration of different styles of acting — to investigate “April Rose,” but problems with the evidence in Garrett’s murder investigation means bringing Jason into the fold, much to their father’s consternation, and we learn a little bit more about the workings of the NAT Club. This episode is largely focused on Spencer’s past relationship with Ali and present connection with Jason, but you also see how he’s become, like, existentially dependent on blaming Garrett for the shambles her entire life totally is.

Predictably enough Ashley spends the entire party — which is apparently also a dance? –talking about booze; also, because he wasn’t hot enough already, the very wholesome and sweet Ted is a pastor, which on this show automatically means he is a closet Satanist molester who will end up doing some kind of monster bonfire spell on them in the woods. Meantime, though, Hanna talks her mom into dating the dude, and it’s super sweet, but once Wilden shows up she bounces.

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