pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: "What's My Lie?"It’s a Father-Daughter Freakout! While normally the idea of any kind of father-daughter dance in Rosewood would have me clutching at my Purity Balls in terror, this one was actually kind of sweet. It’s nice to know that a show so honest about the predatory nastiness that surrounds you can balance that out with some positive male images on occasion, if merely to demonstrate that they’re technically possible.

Emily’s dad, for example, uses his Patriarchy Power of being in the military and talking to other dudes from the military to help her track down Maya’s last known location, although that’s a dead end since she probably got into a car with A before she ever left for San Francisco. It’s a bittersweet reunion, considering he’s shipping out again, but it seems left in the air as to where that puts Pam, moving forward.

Or how about Peter Hastings, who paid a PI that $15 grand to track down Alison so that he could prove Melissa didn’t kill her? Yeah, turns out she was only one of the people sending Ali threatening texts, which is why Jonah led us to that law firm. Over the course of the episode, Spencer flips over on whether she killed Ali like a dozen times, but who knows. I still don’t trust her, not that Peter’s hotness is that trustworthy either… All I know is, A stole his gun and he’s probably going to jail whenever A kills whoever is going to die.

Even little Mikey Montgomery gets some time in the sun, first advising Aria to drop Fitz and go back to being normal, and then telling Byron to lay off her and try to figure out where things went wrong. Byron, less amazing, although of course Ella and Ashley rock the house as usual. To throw Ashley off A’s trail, Hanna lays waste to yet another phone before Mona suggests that Aria simply confess to being A so Ashley will leave it alone. Ashley doesn’t buy it, in an actually very surprising twist, and ends up taking her A story to Ella, who knows exactly how scary A can be and warns her to tread lightly… Which, of course, A overhears.

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