pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: Wrenthusiastic ConsentCharacteristically clever performances and a real sense of pacing and stakes — unsurprising, given that the episode was directed by Roger “Cruel Intentions” Kumble — and this late in the season, it’s nice to feel that ramping-up danger and momentum that usually leads to lots of Noel Kahn and/or Hanna getting run over by cars.

Spencer is shocked to find that Melissa’s the one barging into the room on that slowly resolving video of Caleb’s, putting her firmly back into the A category. After she spots her sister getting into Garrett’s car and lying about it, Spence loses her mind and ends up drunk at Wren’s place, which is amazing. Melissa eventually shows up (still pregnant, and possibly the baby is Garrett’s now?) and lures Spencer out to the barn without her phone.

Which would be scary enough, because Melissa is sketchy as hell, except that Hanna is simultaneously discovering that the Vivian Darkbloom clue also leads back to Melissa, who was working at the now-abandoned law firm whence the original A’s texts were coming (back when it was just Alison getting stalked). Something Spencer might want to know before going with her sister to a second location.

Hanna’s also got this entire other storyline going on where Mona is getting the A treatment, specifically being blackmailed over her shoplifting to turn in Ashley for sleeping with Wilden that time. It’s Mona, so of course she ends up taking the fall for her precious Hanna, but it doesn’t seem that A is quite done with her yet either.

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