pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: You Know How Bad Girls GetIt’s Evil Stepsister’s first day in Rosewood, and she’s being eerily kind and meek around the Liars. Which is not as comforting for Hanna as it could be, considering the other Liars and her boyfriend Caleb have been having all kinds of secret meetings behind her back trying to find the next clue in that video he keeps showing them. Finally, they do: A fake ID belonging to Alison in which she has dark brown hair. Some really bizarre stuff happens there, it’s a long story involving wigs and pseudonyms and Nabokov and fake IDs, but the gist is that Spencer gets ahold of an old Alison claim check for yet another storage or pawn place, the contents of which we will find out about next week.

The now constantly weeping Spencer figures out some dirt on Kate, which she uses to protect Hanna from her while also trying to allay Hanna’s fears that she’s being iced out of the group. This in addition to threats from A to stop Caleb from doing his video magics. Hanna puts these mysteries together and figures out that he’s an Honorary Liar, and freaks out on Spencer, but in the end it’s okay — they hug, and cry, and so forth. It’s odd but not entirely surprising that, at this point, Spencer really is probably the only one that’s worried about Hanna.

In maybe bigger news — at least in terms of Caleb’s imminent demise — Hanna tells him about approximately a third of the whole deal with A, which sends him to Jenna’s house, where he gets menaced by Garrett some more. So I’m guessing he’s going to be more, not less, suspicious moving forward. God, at this rate the mysterious architect could turn up, still clutching lasagna boxes and mechanical pens.

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