pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' recap: "You Stole From A Blind Girl!"Emily tries to completely out-guest all houseguests that have ever guested a house, predictably, in her new role as Ashley Marin’s latest gypsy baby. It’s cute and sweet and kind of sexy, because that’s how Emily rolls. Hanna has no idea how much she’s getting on Emily’s nerves just by being herself — dancing while homeworking, singing while thinking, learning that Caleb used to work for the Mob or something, watching her drunk parents practically do it in the living room — so she’s mostly cool, but man Emily gets annoyed fast at her new, non-Pam environment. And by “annoyed” I mean, of course, “might be committing aggravated assault before you know it.”

Byron gets intense with Thieving Mikey after inviting Ezra over for drinks or dinner or something, which only causes Mike — who has awesomely outfitted his desk with a literal rearview mirror labeled PARENTS, in response to their reckless relationship issues — to get more intense. If you’re wondering how Aria overreacts and geeks out about this Ezra invite, and the house visit that follows, I submit to you that you may not be as familiar with Aria’s mess as you may think.

Add Jason DiLaurentis hanging around all the time — attending dinners, needling Ezra about being a perv, winning her parents over, general snoopy-face — and you’ve got Aria being the most interesting she’s ever been. Not to mention more flashbacks to how Alison and Jason were constantly trying to murder and out-brood each other.

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