pll girls 'Pretty Little Liars' releasing soundtrack: Music supervisor Chris Mollere reveals detailsWe’ve got a secret, “Pretty Little Liars” fans and it’s a good one. But don’t worry, we’re not keeping it.

ABC Family, WaterTower Records and Warner Horizon Television are releasing an 11-song soundtrack for the hit show, which includes the “Pretty Little Liars'” crazy addictive theme song “Secret” performed by The Pierces. A limited-edition fan pack will be sold that includes the CD, a poster with a new message from our dearly departed Alison, and an iPod download of the album upon ordering at “PLL” fans can also buy the standard CD version when it’s released on Feb. 15.

Zap2it spoke with the show’s music supervisor Chris Mollere about the soundtrack. “From the beginning of the album to the end, each song has a deep meaning for the show, characters and scenes in which the songs were featured,” he says. “This is an album that will be enjoyed from start to finish by anyone that watches and loves ‘PLL.'”
Fans of Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding) can expect a lot of their favorite couple’s music moments to be represented on the soundtrack, including Mollere’s personal favorite from the show’s first 10 episodes: “The scene where Aria is out in the rain and Ezra stops to pick her up so she doesn’t get wet. She gets in the car and they drive off, then they kiss which featured Brooke Waggoner’s ‘Fresh Pair of Eyes.’ The whole sequence took on a surreal feel to it and became so very cinematic.” 
Mollere also teases that there are music moments coming up in the second half of Season 1 that rival the epic Aria/Ezra rain scene. “I think there are a few already in the new 12 we are working on that beat that one. Hopefully everyone will like what we’re doing in the new episodes.”
Unlike “The Vampire Diaries” soundtrack (Mollere also serves as their music supervisor. Busy, busy man), “PLL’s” doesn’t feature any upcoming tracks from the second half of the season. He explains, “We wanted to feature the songs that have accentuated the series to date and had so many we already loved for the record that we didn’t need to look any farther. Hopefully we can start work on Vol. 2 in the near future, as we’ve got a lot of music in the next 12 episodes.”
The soundtrack features the following songs:
1. The Pierces “Secret”
2. Ben’s Brother “Beauty Queen”
3. Colbie Caillat “I Won’t”
4. MoZella “More of You”
5. Orelia Has Orchestra “Suggestions”
6. Brooke Waggoner “Fresh Pair of Eyes”
7. Katie Herzig “Jack and Jill”
8. Andrew Belle “All Those Pretty Lights”
9. Love Grenades “Genius of Fun”
10. 2AM Club “Make You Mine”
11. Matthew Perryman Jones “Out of Reach”

“Pretty Little Liars” returns on Monday, Jan. 3, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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