caleb hanna kiss 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 2: Who's returning to Rosewood?Have you scraped the remnants of your jaws off the floor yet, “Pretty Little Liars” fans?

The show’s heart-stopping season finale, “For Whom The Bell Tolls,” on Monday, Mar. 21 left us speechless and counting down the days until it returns (Tuesday, June 14).

Before the finale, we chatted with executive producer I. Marlene King about where the show goes from here. Will Caleb definitely make it back to Rosewood? Will Maya ever leave juvie camp? We have the answers you’re looking for.

Do you have Season 2 mapped out already?

“Yes, we do. We really sort of did those two mini-seasons and we know
what each of those finales will be and we know actually a lot about
where the characters are going to go and what their personal stories
are going to be.”

You do know who “A” is, right? We imagine the writers’ room covered in boards with all of the show’s shady people and the things they’ve done.

“Yes. we have a lot of boards because there’s a lot of shady people on
the show. We really try to keep track of people. Now, in Season 2, it’s
becoming a little more difficult than it was in Season 1, remembering
who lied about what and what the real truth is.

“It’s a lot of
fun. We laugh about it all the time. We’re having a lot of fun
with keeping ‘A’ a mystery and keeping it and fresh; knowing we do
know who A is so when this character sort of appears in the show, we
always have to be aware of the fact that someday everyone will know
that that character was ‘A.'”

Let’s talk love interests and who could be coming back for Season 2. Maya has been at juvie camp for quite a while now. Will she be returning to Rosewood?

“hope to bring her back in Season 2. In my perfect world, if the actress (Bianca Lawson) is available, and hopefully she will be, she’s going to come back from that juvie camp.”

paige pll 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 2: Who's returning to Rosewood?We know Lindsey Shaw was set to do a three-episode arc, which actually lasted longer. Will we be seeing Paige again?

“She stayed around a lot longer than that! We really like Lindsey. She’s brought so much depth and dimension to the character of Paige. It’s like Paige is kind of crazy, but I like her at the same time. She’s very inconsistent and torn and I feel for her. So we’re going to continue to play out that storyline, too, because I think it’s a very interesting dilemma that Emily faces with the fact that they obviously have a connection, but Emily can’t go back. She has to move forward. We’re going to continue to play that out.”

We didn’t see Caleb reunite with Hanna, but he was on his way back. Is he definitely going to come back in Season 2?

“Yes. I don’t think we’re going to let Caleb go too far from Rosewood without dragging him back. I love how Mona became a trending topic the second that letter went in the trash. That’s going to be an interesting storyline to play out, too, with Hanna and Mona friendship. Did she think she was doing the right thing or not? We’ll get to find that out soon enough. I think she really have good intentions but then those good intentions went array.”

Will we continue to see flashbacks of Alison in Season 2? We always love the flashbacks because we really get to see how manipulative she was. She wasn’t a good person, kind of like Lily Kane on “Veronica Mars.”

“Yes. She wasn’t a good person, but I always love those. There’s many layers to Alison. I like the flashbacks where we get to see the side of her that’s not that nice, but then I love these flashbacks where we actually see Alison’s humanity.”

There’s been a lot of creepy moments on the show. What has been the creepiest for you to watch?

“For me, the one that I still jump every time I see and I’ve seen it 30 times is when the girls get the video. A sends the girls the video of Alison at the kissing rock and we realize she’s talking to Ian and she goes down and her hand grabs the ground. Every time I see that, I gasp.”

Ours is definitely the funhouse scene, where Spencer got locked inside. Thank you for officially ruining funhouses for everyone at Zap2it.

“I know. My son is afraid of clowns and he was like, ‘Why did you do this to me?!””

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