pretty little liars red coat revealed 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3 finale: Red coat revealed?On the Season 3 finale of “Pretty Little Liars,” there was one big reveal — well, kind of. Don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

So, Alison is red coat? At least, that’s what the Liars and Mona think, after they saw her land in a plane and then help them out of a burning cabin. But is it really Alison? We imagine that’s a mystery that will continue to haunt us viewers for the duration of the show.

In other news, Toby’s not dead and he and Spencer are double agents for the A Team. Raise your hand if you were surprised by this turn of events. We thought so. Not a huge shocker there. Spoby fans must be dancing in the aisles.

We will kindly sit over here on Team Wrencer and cry. (Kidding, kidding) Much love to Keegan Allen, we’re glad Toby’s not dead for his sake.

In more interesting news, Shana appears to part of the PYT club. GTA? SAT? You know, that thing Ian and Jason and Garrett were all a part of. Interesting that Shana knows Jenna and Melissa and about “the tapes.” We would have to assume Season 4 will spend some time delving into what those peeps were up to, especially since Officer Wilden seems to know the secret handshake, too.

For us, the most interesting bit is that Mona didn’t know who red coat was. It was kind of nice to see her at the end as a fifth Liar — we would absolutely love it if Janel Parrish got to sit at the cool kids’ table next season. And from what it sounds like, that might be exactly what happens.

As for the ending — we’ll channel our best Brad Pitt for a, “What’s in the TRUNK?! What’s in the TRUNK?!”

Any guesses? Troian Bellisario teases for us that it’s going to be revealed right away when Season 4 returns, so at least we don’t have to wait … too long.

And what about the hand emerging from the ground? Is it Alison? But then who was autopsied with dirt in her lungs? So many questions.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • If you dial the number to Jenna’s phone, 215-469-3561, it has a voice that sounds a bit like Tammin Sursok saying, “I’m sorry, this number’s not programmed to take messages.” Nice touch by the show.
  • Who’s so over Aria and Ezra? Seriously, we guess we understand that it would be boring if they were happy all the time, but this break up, get back together nonsense is wearing thin.
  • Did you catch the Hitchcock reference? “North by Northwest,” it was marked on the lighter Toby picked up. The whole movie is about a case of mistaken identity of an innocent man being pursued for the secrets he supposedly knows. It fits, though not quite as great as “Psycho” and “Vertigo.” Next year, we vote for “Lifeboat.”

What did you think of the “Pretty Little Liars” season finale, fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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