troian bellisario pretty little liars season 3 finale interview 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3 finale: Troian Bellisario teases Toby's fate, the A Team and the shocking red coat reveal“Pretty Little Liars” brings Season 3 to a close Tuesday night (March 19) with “A dAngerous gAme,” which star Troian Bellisario tells Zap2it is chock full of surprises and action — including Spencer having gone over to the dark side.

“Spencer has crossed over,” says Bellisario. “We have Mona, and Toby had cossed over — but now, he’s dead. Or is he? And we’re still trying to find out who red coat is and is that the A Team or is that totally separate? You’re going to find out a lot in the finale.”

So we have to ask — has Spencer definitely joined the A Team?

“When you say ‘joined the A Team,’ it really could be for any reason,” teases Bellisario. “But she’s definitely joined.”

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“I think one of the main reasons that Spencer joined the A Team is to find out what happened to Toby and what she can do about it,” she continues. “I can say with certitude that come finale time you will know what happened to Toby.”

Bellisario also laughs as she tells us that her favorite fan response is when they say they don’t care if she’s evil, as long as “Spoby” is still together.

“I cannot reveal if [the finale] will be good for Spoby fans, or good for Wrencer fans. But I can definitely say you will have answers,” says Bellisario.

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Speaking of Wrencer, Wren sure has become an ominous figure. So what’s up with him being so creepy?

“He’s really taken a turn,” Bellisario agrees. “I don’t know what’s up with Wren. I think that’s something that has yet to be revealed.”

But what fans won’t have to wait on is the identity of the person in the red coat — which came as a surprise even to Bellisario.

pretty little liars troian bellisario season 3 finale interview 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3 finale: Troian Bellisario teases Toby's fate, the A Team and the shocking red coat reveal“I will say that I have a very nasty habit of being a bit of a snoop … when Toby betrayed Spencer, I knew. When Spencer crossed over to the A Team, I knew it was going to happen,” says Bellisario. “But when I read in the script at the table read who turns around in the red coat, it was one of the first times in the entirety of show that I’ve been actually shocked. Totally surprised. “

We cannot wait to see the culmination of Season 3, which has largely focused on Spencer’s downward spiral into anger, depression and some mental health issues. Bellisario tells us that this season has been “a total blast” to play.

“It’s really been amazing. I’ve done stunts and action sequences and spoken a foreign language. You do so many different things on this show. But when I got to really sit down with the writers and we started to talk about this storyline — it’s something I’ve been pushing for for a long time,” says Bellisario.

“From the very beginning, what A does to these girls is very traumatizing. And they fight back and they’re very heroic and very brave in dealing with it, but what was kind of missing for me was what’s the real emotional cost over a long period of time on any of these girls?”

“The writers and I started to talk about that and I’m like — if you’re being attacked all the time in your life and slowly the things that you love start to disappear or betray you, what happens? The writers did this amazing thing and totally took Spencer down this long and winding, twisted road to her rock bottom and said, ‘OK, we trust you to play this.’ It’s been such a gift. The most fun that I’ve had on any season.”

It’s been fun for viewers too. If you can’t get enough of Troian Bellisario on “Pretty Little Liars,” be sure to look for her other projects — “Consent,” out March 19, and “Lauren” Season 2, out mid-April on the WIGS Youtube channel.

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