gregg sulkin pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3: Gregg Sulkin dishes on Wesley's returnA new man came to Rosewood for “Pretty Little Liars” in Season 3 — Ezra Fitz’s younger brother Wesley. Actor Gregg Sulkin tells Zap2it that Wesley will be back for the rest of Season 3 and we’ll eventually find out exactly what he’s up to.

When asked if Wesley has ulterior motives than just playing the concerned brother, Sulkin slyly replies, “That’s the big question, isn’t it?”

“In the first few episodes, you can’t really tell whether he’s a good guy or a bad guy, which has obviously been a lot of fun to play because you keep the audience guessing,” says Sulkin. “But as more episodes come out, you’ll see why Wesley is the way he is and you’ll learn more about his past, then people will be able to judge whether he has ulterior motives or not.”

“Wesley has kind of lived in Ezra’s shadow and there has been some friction between them in the past, which we’ll learn about,” Sulkin teases.

As far as Aria goes, Sulkin does admit that Wesley certainly finds her attractive.

“He definitely thinks that Aria is a great person. From the outside, Wesley is attracted to Aria,” says Sulkin. “As a person, he knows any guy would be lucky to have her. That’s Wesley’s opinion on the matter.”

When the show returns in January, viewers won’t see Wesley right away, but they won’t have to wait too long before Wesley is back in Rosewood.

“I come back to Rosewood. Wesley needs to stay in Rosewood for a couple of nights, that’s how he’s back,” says Sulkin. “We find out why he’s there and what he’s up to as the episode progresses.”

And he’ll be bunking at Ezra’s, so look for more Wesley-Aria interaction, we would guess. As for Wesley interacting with any of the other Liars, Sulkin can only offer this tease:

“The more I’m in the show, the more characters I get to meet.”

Good tease. And we hope to see more of him. We know Sulkin hopes so too, as he says “PLL” is a great show to work on.

“Everyone is very humble, very focused, very professional,” he tells us. “As people,
extremely sweet and welcoming and warm, as well as the crew. I couldn’t
ask for a nicer bunch of people to be jumping on the show with. The
showrunners have been second to none.”

And while Gregg isn’t in the Halloween special, which airs Tuesday night (Oct. 23) at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family, he is looking forward to it just like all the fans.

“I’m excited. Should be a good one,” says Sulkin.

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