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ABC Family has released a sneak peek clip of when “Pretty Little Liars” returns in January for the second half of Season 3 and there are two big things to discuss.

First off, Aria is none too happy with Garrett’s tale of her father being with Alison the night Ali died. She basically thinks he’s fully of it and can’t believe Spencer would believe him. The thing is, though, is that none of the Liars are saying he’s “A” or he was on the train or he killed Garrett or anything like that.

It’s not outside the realm of possibility that Alison was sneaking around with Byron for some reason. She is the one who knew about his affair and she would probably not have any trouble blackmailing him. It’s also not entirely out of the realm of possibility that they were sleeping together.

Sure, that’s a bit different than his affair with Meredith because of Ali’s age, but if a man will cheat on his wife and family with a student, why would he draw the line at a girl being underage? He might, but he also might not.

So Aria definitely has some issues to work through with that.

But also, Mona is back in school! Somehow she has gotten released from the nuthouse and has rejoined society. We think the Liars’ idea to be friends with her is a good one — keeps your enemies closer and all that. Plus, she’s obviously not the real “A,” so …

“Pretty Little Liars” returns to ABC Family Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2013.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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