pretty little liars season 3 summer finale betrayal 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 3 summer finale: The betrAyer turns out to be ...It’s time for the explosive summer finale of “Pretty Little Liars,” which starts off with a dead body being loaded into an ambulance and Hanna crying hysterically, reminiscent of when Maya’s body was found last season and Emily was crying. What a teaser. 

And just for the record, we have felt since he showed up that Nate is the bad guy this half-season. Let’s find out if we’re right …

Two Days Earlier

An intervention by the Liars to try to get Emily to see Paige’s true colors end up driving them farther apart and Emily more into Paige’s arms, who we find out is getting A messages and is going to meet at the cemetery Saturday.

Mona busts out of the looney bin dressed as Nurse Ratched and meets up with A (or one of them), while Caleb gets a gun to protect himself and the girls. An old theatre adage is the gun introduced in act one will go off in act three, so at this point, we don’t feel like Caleb is very safe.

When Emily goes out of town to the Lighthouse Rock Inn with Nate to escape the circus of Garrett’s trial, A doesn’t show at the cemetery and the Liars and Caleb split up to look for her at the two different Inns — where Nate is being super creepy as the bad guy. Yes! Love getting it right.

He shows Emily a video of Maya that she taped for Emily the night she died and then tells her he was in love with Maya — he’s Maya’s stalker from True North, Linden. Emily took Maya away, so Nate is going to kill Paige in return.

Before he can, Emily escapes up the lighthouse looking for a cellphone signal and when Linden attacks, she stabs him with his own knife. Caleb finds them (he’s the one at the right Inn) and Linden shoots him.

But Caleb isn’t dead, Linden is and Emily killed him. A calls the girls and tells Emily he owes her one. And Garrett is a free man.

But the big bombshell is that Toby is working with Mona, as he walks her back to the looney bin and she talks about how they didn’t even get to reveal that Paige has Maya’s cell phone. Is he A?

So, Nate/Linden has nothing to do with A, not really. He was just obsessed with Maya and killed her. The A stuff was a big smoke screen on his end, with the real A (maybe the real A, we don’t know) trying to set Paige up to look like A and Nate got in the way.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • In other news, Maggie drops by Ezra’s and finds out Aria is his girlfriend. She eludes to more going on than we know about and doesn’t know if she’s ready to tell Ezra about his son.
  • The “Basic Instinct” thing was hilarious. Of course Spencer’s seen it. And that correlates nicely with her sleeping with Toby then him looking like the bad guy. Beware, Liars fans — if you’re young, “Basic Instinct” is a grown-up flick. Proceed with caution. We saw it at age 13 and that was … a lot.
  • The Halloween special looks amazing. Did you see that on the poster it says “‘Rear Window’ presents”? Hello, Alfred Hitchcock! The “PLL” EP has told us the Hitchcock homages are only going to be in the season finales (“Vertigo” Season 1, then “Psycho” in Season 2), but we would just die to see the show find a way to pay homage to our favorite Hitchcock — “Strangers on a Train” — with the Halloween special.

What did you think of the summer finale?

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