pretty little liars season 4 finale a is for answers 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4 finale: Is Ezra dead?The “Pretty Little Liars” Season 4 finale kicks off with Noel Kahn welcoming the four Liars to Alison’s apartment in New York. He’s there because “he has secrets too,” Alison informs them. Then she gets down to business of recounting the night she “died” — because if they don’t figure out who “A” is, she’s going to disappear for good.

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That fateful night

  • Alison says “A” had been threatening her since the previous Halloween (the Creepy Baby Halloween special, remember?), so she went away to Hilton Head with Ian to take a break. Melissa showed up there to confront him.
  • While Ian and Melissa were fighting, Alison found the Jenna/Toby sexytime video on Ian’s laptop and took it on a flash drive because she thought Jenna was “A” and that the video would get Jenna to leave her alone.
  • Alison goes to see her in the hospital, the visit right after The Jenna Thing, and threatens her with the video but gets an “A” message while she’s there that reads, “B**** can’t see you, but I do. Tonight’s the night I kill you.”
  • At home, there’s a lipstick mirror message that reads, “I’m everywhere and soon you’ll be nowhere.”
  • Alison wants to go out that night and her mom says no, telling her that she has no idea what the Hastings family is capable of and to never turn your back on them. Mrs. DiLaurentis is also talking to someone on the phone, wanting them to come over ASAP.
  • Alison takes some of Mrs. D.’s sedative and then goes to the barn, where she drugs her friends. We see her get the call from Toby and then she says he showed up there later, to thank her for getting him sent away to juvie so he could get away from Jenna.
  • After sending a text to Ian, Alison sets out to meet him at the Kissing Rock but on the way encounters Ezra, who is mad at her for lying about her age. She confirms they didn’t sleep together and he says he’s worried about her.
  • In a flashback within the flashback, Alison shows how she and Cece met college guys and how Ezra compared her to Holly Golightly from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” which is not a compliment.
  • Back in the original flashback, Alison says goodbye to Ezra and meets up with Ian, where she threatens him and Melissa with the videos from his laptop if they don’t stop sending her threats (she thinks one or both of them is “A”). Ian also confirms Alison didn’t sleep with him.
  • So Alison goes back to the barn and finds a crazy-eyed Spencer, who is awake because of the speed. Spencer wants to have it out with Alison and comes at her with the shovel, but trips and falls and her pills spill out of her pocket. Alison (not unkindly) tells Spencer to go sleep it off, don’t mix speed with alcohol and tells her she won’t tell Spencer’s parents.
  • Ali’s last stop is Byron, to threaten him with the videos, then goes back to the barn and doesn’t get any more “A” messages, so she goes home.
  • At this point, Mrs. DiLaurentis sees Alison get hit with a rock by someone, so Mrs. D. buries her because she thinks Alison is dead. Alison could hear her talking to someone but couldn’t speak or move.
  • Mrs. Grunwald pulled Alison out of the grave and ran for it. Mona found her and took her to the Lost Woods Resort, registered as Vivian Darkbloom. Mona advises Alison to let “A” think she’s dead by disappearing.
  • After Alison is asleep, Mona hangs out in her super creepy Alison lair. Then later she helps Alison change her appearance and Alison gives her a quick make-over lesson. Hee.
  • Mona’s pretty excited for Alison to leave and never come back.
  • Alison reveals that she stayed away until Hanna got mowed down by the car. Then she came back and started trying to protect the Liars: She was in the hospital, she’s the one who threw Ian down the bell tower, she was at the lodge — but she didn’t pull them out of the fire.

Present day

Det. Holbrook has found Cece Drake and knows Alison is alive. He also thinks the girls are in Philadelphia and the police go after them, but it’s just Spencer’s car as a decoy. Holbroko is also still after the Hastings family for Spencer allegedly killing whoever it is that was in Alison’s grave and her family covering it up.

But Spencer didn’t kill that girl. We don’t know who did (or who she is), but Melissa knows something.

As Alison is wrapping up her story to the girls, someone appears at the club, shooting at the girls and chasing them onto the roof. Ezra shows up, because he’s been trying to save Alison in the hopes that he can win Aria back, and a struggle ensues. The masked man (there’s no way that form is a woman, sorry) gets away and Ezra gets shot in the gut, closing his eyes as Aria screams over his body.

The “A” tag is that Mrs. DiLaurentis is apparently dead and being buried in perhaps her own backyard just like her daughter was.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • OK, so, great recap of the night Alison “died,” but there was one omission — where was the confrontation with Garrett and Jenna and the field hockey stick? Garrett was there to see Alison confronting Byron, remember? Maybe it’s inconsequential, but that field hockey stick was very important at one point in this show, so we’re curious where that little flashback portion went.
  • Is Ezra dead? We say highly unlikely. Not after all this schmoopy redemption so that he can be with Aria again. He didn’t sleep with Alison, he’s been trying to help her, he showed up and fought a masked man with a gun and he got shot for his troubles. No way does the show kill him off now.
  • Is Mrs. DiLaurentis dead? We’re going to say yes on this one, since she’s the only one who can identify who “killed” Alison.
  • Speaking of that, this might end up being a “Veronica Mars”-type thing — Alison’s brother or evil twin Courtney is the one who “killed” her, because those are the only two people Mrs. DiLaurentis would protect, just like how Duncan was the only one the Kanes would protect when Lilly was murdered (they just didn’t know it was someone else).
  • The episode suggests that perhaps Mona bashed Ali’s head in, since she’s lurking around and acting all crazy, but we don’t think so. Mrs. D. wouldn’t cover up for Mona.
  • As for who is in Alison’s grave, that one might be Mona’s doing. Mona is already covering up Alison’s disappearance, and we do know Mona was “A” once Alison left, so she could have used her hyper-reality “A” magic to get the DNA to match (if the body from the grave is not Alison’s twin).
  • But then what does Melissa know about the other girl who did end up dead? Melissa wouldn’t have helped Mona. Maybe Melissa killed some girl and then Mona just took advantage of that to make it look as though Alison was dead?
  • How many different unknowns are still running around? The current “A,” the person who hit Alison with the rock, the person who buried the non-Alison in the grave, the person who was on the rooftop in New York and the person who just buried Mrs. DiLaurentis, right? Some of those people are undoubtedly the same, but which ones?
  • Best line: “I can’t believe your mom buried you alive.”

Lots to ponder. What did you think of the Season 4 finale, “Pretty Little Liars” fans?

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