pretty little liars season 4 premiere live blog 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4 premiere live blog: [Spoiler]'s in the trunk?!It’s finally here, “Pretty Little Liars” fans. Season 4 is premiering Tuesday night, June 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family and Zap2it will be here to live through all the head-spinning, jaw-dropping, OMG moments during “A is for A-L-I-V-E.”

We’re going to find out what’s in the trunk, we’re going to find out who the Queen of Hearts is and maybe more. We’re also probably going to be left with a whole new batch of questions — and we can hardly wait.

Just for the record, we’d like to say we think the trunk contains Detective Wilden’s water-logged body and the Queen of Hearts is Jenna. Place your bets now, Liars fans, because in t-minus 20 minutes, it’s show time.

Join us here at 8 p.m. ET/PT for our live blog — in case you haven’t guessed, spoiler warning.

— Here we go, gang. What’s in the trunk?!

— Ah! No, we don’t need previouslies!

8:02 — A dead pig?! Wait, what? That’s what’s in the trunk? Surely that means Wilden’s dead right? Cop = pig?

— Pretty great for Mona to steal the dashboard recording. We’re very pleased she’s joining up with the Liars this season.

— Mona spills the beans about everything — Mona put the car in Hanna’s garage, Shana’s maybe in love with Jenna, knew her before Rosewood; they’re both afraid of Melissa; Cece was Ali in Radley to Mona; Lucas gave Emily the massage (!); Toby was recruited by Mona; Mona didn’t push Ian in the bell tower. Wow, that’s a lot of information.

8:06 — And Mona has her own set of Emily’s car keys — hee!

8:07 — Wilden is dead! I KNEW IT!

8:08 — Toby, grow a brain. Do not go lurking around the crime scene. We know that’s what you do best, but c’mon.

8:09 — Wilden and Melissa were the Queens of Hearts, interesting. It seemed like he was probably in on something after that picture surfaced of him, right?

8:10 — The mini-mes are pretty creepy. Do you think Alison is still alive and really playing with them? Or is it a mask? Or perhaps the twin theory that is floating around?

8:16 — Do you think it’s smart of Hanna to be besties with Mona? Or just what she has to do? I’d like to think that she kind of wants to. Hanna misses Mona.

8:19 — Well, that was spooky. Was it Red Coat coming back for her red coat?

— Aww, poor Mona. She’s lonely.

8:25 — The first Ezria sighting! Raise your hand if you’re SO over these two. Seriously, guys. OH-VER. Most boring couple ever. I’d rather watch Ashley and the pastor on a date.

8:28 — Wilden was shot multiple times, huh. I thought for sure he would have been drowned in his cop car. Also, how adorable is Toby? Spoby >>> Ezria, y’all. Way >>>.

8:29 — Toby’s mom! Ouch. That’s cold, A. Cold.

8:31 — Normally we adore all the Liars’ fashion, but that headband on Hanna is a big no for me. Or … is that her hair?! What is happening there? It’s like a black ferret is draped across her head.

8:34 — Pretty good fake out with the VPs office and Aria. That actually would’ve been kind of amazing, because let’s all remember that it’s still wrong to date your students, especially if said student is a minor.

8:38 — Whoa, Stanford. That’s big time, Paige, way to go. But of course, we all know Emily isn’t going there, because then what would happen to our show?

— At least Hanna’s weird head accessory is explained. It looks miles better as a hat.

8:41 — Mona is really going to great lengths to prove herself and I’m definitely all in. Team Mona. But do you think it’s a double cross?

— Jenna. (/Newman’d). She’s there to reveal that Wilden saw Ali the night she disappeared, interesting. And is Jenna Red Coat? That’d be fun. Does the timeline work that Red Coat started appearing after Jenna got her sight back?

Mystery Woman spotted. Who is it?!

8:51 — Spencer found the casket … and so did Mona. What’s the call on Wilden’s phone? “Kisses,” which redials Hanna’s mom’s phone. Dun dun dun.

8:54 — Mrs. DiLaurentis, she’s a real charmer. You can definitely see where Ali got it from.

8:55 — Curious who that guy is with Jenna? His name is Nigel, we’ve got some deets for you.

8:56 — Flashback. Alison made a play for nervous, nerdy Toby. And his mom was still alive, but obviously confused. Poor Toby. And he’s giving A the lair in order to find out what happened to his mom.

8:58 — Hello, Officer Hottie of the Pennsylvania State Police.

8:59 — Hey Liars: OF COURSE A WAS THERE AND RECORDED YOU. Have you leanred nothing this past year? I would’ve been more shocked if A didn’t have a recording of you guys at Wilden’s cop car.

— So, A was at the funeral? Juicy. Or is that Red Coat? Are they the same person? We can’t wait to find out.

What did you think of the Season 4 premiere of “Pretty Little Liars,” fans?

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