pretty little liars no one here can love or understand me melissa spencer 'Pretty Little Liars': 'Strangers on a Train' are 'Vivian' and Cyrus?I’ve got a theory … that’s it a plot of Hitchcockian proportions on “Pretty Little Liars.”

Strangers at an ATM

Here’s my latest theory, since we now have a photo that shows “Alison” with Cyrus 16 months ago. That’s not Alison, it’s her twin sister. Let’s call her “Vivian” (as in “Darkbloom”) for the sake of simplicity, since we don’t know her real name yet.

Vivian is the maligned DiLaurentis child who, for reasons of mental illness, was shuttled off to Radley as a kid. There she befriended Bethany Young and eventually broke out of the nuthouse. Jessica DiLaurentis then cozied up to Bethany to try to find out what her deranged daughter was plotting.

But Vivian is off meeting Cyrus, in the “Strangers on a Train” situation. If you haven’t seen it, you should rent it. It’s my all-time favorite Hitchcock movie. But the gist is that two strangers meet on a train and half-joke, half-not-joke about doing away with each other’s “problems,” i.e. an overbearing father and a cheating wife. One of the men doesn’t realize how serious the other man was taking things until his wife ends up dead and the man from the train wants his favor repaid.

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Anyway, in this situation, Vivian and Cyrus make that kind of agreement — she’s going to do something for him and in exchange, he’ll kill her sister Alison. Except instead of Vivian being the one who didn’t take things seriously enough, her plan is to never go through with her end of the bargain and instead, just have Cyrus dispose of Alison and then hold that over him so that he’ll do whatever she wants.

But on the night it’s all supposed to go down, something goes wrong. I don’t know what — the whole day/night of Alison’s disappearance is, honestly, so full of activities that it had to have been like 50 hours long. But let’s say Cyrus chickens out and Vivian actually hits her sister with a rock, which is why Mrs. DiLaurentis covered it up and buried Alison.

Then Mrs. Grunwald rescues Alison and she escapes. Once Vivian realizes what has happened, she panics and uses Bethany Young as her scapegoat and Cyrus clobbers Bethany over the head with a rock, thinking it’s Alison. Melissa then sees Spencer standing over Bethany’s body and buries her alive. Perhaps Mona is then recruited by Vivian to get Alison out of town and that’s how Mona became original “A.”

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Because Vivian is the actual uber-“A” and has had Cyrus as one of her helpers all along by holding this secret over his head (because he thinks he killed the girl in the grave). It’s also why he attacked Alison in that basement (on Vivian’s orders) and it’s why he confessed to kidnapping Ali.

And maybe this Alison, the one who has been claiming she was kidnapped and has a scar on her leg, is actually Vivian (the scar is from a real fight between her and Cyrus). And since she’s “A,” she knows all the Liars’ secrets and has had a lot of fun screwing with them and taking over her sister’s life. And the real Alison? Dead somewhere all along after she left town that fateful night.

What do you think, “PLL” fans?


The other big reveal of the night is that Caleb finally confesses to Hanna what happened in Ravenswood and us viewers get a little closure — the surviving teens released the spirits into the woods, but of course, Miranda was one of them, so she’s gone and Caleb’s been wracked with guilt about whether or not she’s OK.

I was a fan of the show, so obviously I wanted to see the whole plan play out, but that was a decent wrap-up. I hope Collins has married the twins’ mom and Luke doesn’t cry so much and Remy and he are happy. And hopefully Olivia found someone who’s not a demon-helping Dawson-hair-having puke.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Love that Paige went on a date with someone. She and Emily may find their way back to each other, but that’s fair and totally OK with me.
  • I also love that Emily went to Ezra for help like he’s a real detective or something. Encyclopedia Fitz, at your service.
  • Do you think Mona is being sincere? I feel like if nothing else, she really does like Mike.

Who’s going to die next week? I’m feeling pretty strongly like it’s Melissa, which is a real shame for the Hastings family dynamic. And also, no one wants Spencer back in Radley.

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