pretty little liars season 5 whirly girlie 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5: A Ravenswood episode, time jump, 'significant' death and more“Pretty Little Liars” is back in full swing after Tuesday’s (June 10) premiere, which seemed to imply that Shana is the mysterious “A” who has been torturing Alison and the girls (though we don’t buy it). But in addition to that major bombshell, Mona also rallied an army to fight against Alison the Mean Girl, the Hastings family got squirrelly about whatever Melissa knows and we still didn’t even touch on Mrs. DiLaurentis being dead.

Luckily, between Zap2it‘s interview with Marlene King and the AMA she did on Reddit just prior to the premiere, we have some juicy details about what’s to come this season.

On Mrs. DiLaurentis: “The mystery of Mrs. D. is jump-started fairly quickly and plays out fairly quickly too, actually. It’s something we deal with a lot in Season 5A. There are a few mystery threads that merge into one as we try to find out who killed Mrs. DiLaurentis. It becomes connected to who killed the girl in Alison’s grave.”

On which girl “A” targets the most this season: “I can’t talk about that without spoiling something big. It’s not as easy to identify right up front.”

On some “Ravenswood” characters appearing:
“It is in the works. … Caleb comes back a very troubled soul. He is in a dark place and for a few episodes, he is sort of self-medicating, and he can’t sleep, and he has things he saw that he hasn’t been able to talk to Hanna about Towards the end of the season we’ll start to get into more and more what that is and maybe get to see Mrs. Grunwald again. We’re sort of now just working on that, but we’re definitely trying to get there. … That doesn’t mean we can’t go back to Ravenswood to see [Miranda], it’s only 90 minutes away. That’s something I’d like to see, too.”

On the first Alison-Paige scene: “The first Ali-Paige scene is in our 100th episode and it’s a great scene. It’s very real. … Alison really hurt people when she was here. She was a bully, and she comes back to town and face these people that she completely devastated their lives. It’s a mirror she’s going to have to look into and make some hard choices herself.”

On what Melissa whispered to her father: “It’s definitely in the last three episodes that that plays out, the last three summer episodes.”

On “A’s” identity: “This season, characters on the show will learn ‘A’s’ identity and give a huge clue to the audience. … My favorite character is ‘A,’ and you’ll understand why when ‘A’ is revealed, and ‘A’s’ motivation for being ‘A’ is revealed. … We have an endgame ‘A’ Plan that has been our endgame plan for a long time, since we revealed Mona as original ‘A’.”

On whether Alison is heterosexual: “It’s a question that we’ve asked ourselves a lot this season. And the answer to that question will come this season.”

A few other tidbits:

  • “There will be a time jump, it may be on the TV show, or the movies we
    are starting to talk about, but there will be a time jump. We will ‘jump’ college.”
  • “There is a gay male character we think who will be joining the show!”
  • “We will DEFINITELY find out who the Black Widow is, and there will be
    some clues given to the relevancy of the character midway through this
    summer. I love that character, that’s a great character too.”
  • “There’s one significant biting of the dust this season. One call I won’t
    want to make to an actor. I have to make the calls to tell them they
    are dead.”
  • “We will find out the identity of who was in the grave in 5A.”

What did you think of the “Pretty Little Liars” Season 5 premiere?

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