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“Pretty Little Liars” is taking a trip back (way back)

next week with “Shadow Play,” an ode to the film noir

movies of the 1940s. We think viewers are going to

love it and now you can get a sneak peek with these

clips released by ABC Family.

Above, Spencer, Hanna and Emily retrieve Alison’s

silver diary from Ezra’s classroom and hide just in

time to spy Mona retrieving something of her own from

his room. What do you suppose she’s taking?

Below, Toby grills Spencer about her drug habit and

what’s going on with Alison — “Trust you? You’re

spread so thin I can see right through


Finally, Hanna, Emily and Spencer discuss

Ezra and whether Aria is back together with him

or not. “Show of hands: Who hasn’t lied about

something romantic to the rest of the group,” snarks

Spencer, as she assigns Hanna the job of keeping an

eye on Fitz. Is Hanna up to the job?


Little Liars” “Shadow Play” airs Tuesday, Feb. 11 at 8

p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.