shay pll s2 'Pretty Little Liars'' Shay Mitchell: 'Emily is definitely moving'Pretty Little Liars“‘ Season 1 finale was chock-full of surprising moments. You had Jenna kissing Office Garrett, Ian trying to kill Spencer, Ian’s body disappearing from the church… seriously, take your pick.

Zap2it chatted with Shay Mitchell about which scene in the finale shocked her the most.

“I watched the finale with Ashley [Benson] and I probably screamed the loudest when Spencer and Melissa were in the car and they got in an accident because I wasn’t expecting it,” Mitchell says. “I had read it in the script obviously when we had the table read, but I forgot about that scene completely so when it happened — and Melissa being pregnant — I was just freaked out by the whole thing.”

We also talked to Mitchell about what fans can expect from the show in Season 2, if Emily will definitely be leaving Rosewood and which of her love interests –Maya, Paige and Samara — is the right choice for Emily.

How does Season 2 compare to Season 1?

I honestly didn’t think that Season 2 could be more intense than Season 1 had been, but the writers are absolutely amazing and everybody will be so shocked. Even getting into the first four episodes of Season 2, that’s what we’re shooting right now and what has taken place in these last few weeks has been insane. They continue to push it and amp the hype.

In the finale we learned that the Fields are planning to move to Texas. What can you say about that storyline?

Emily is definitely moving. She’s definitely packing boxes, that I will tell you.

Is she really going to stay away from Rosewood for long though?

It totally depends. Her dad is obviously not in Rosewood and her mom feels it’s important for the family to stay together. Emily will try her hardest to stay in Rosewood, but we’ll see what happens. She does end up moving.

Emily had three love interests throughout Season 1 — Maya, Paige and Samara. Will we see those three relationships continue to evolve in Season 2?

You will see some of those relationships. If you’ll see all of them? I don’t know. She definitely continues things with Samara as much as she can, but at the same time, because she’s moving, she doesn’t want to start anything she can’t finish. Obviously having Maya taken away from her she realized to start something, she wants to be there for it. This move has kind of stopped everything.

Who do you think is the right person for Emily?

I don’t know. I feel with Maya, she was the one who brought that side out in Emily where she could be comfortable. It was the first person she could really be who she was. With Paige coming around, it was the role reversal. Emily had now taken Maya’s place as far as helping Paige come out and be comfortable with who she is. Then you have Samara who is totally comfortable and they have a lot of fun together, but I feel like each of the girls have brought something different out in Emily. I don’t know who I think would be perfect for her. Maybe she hasn’t found that one yet.

At the end of the finale, the PLLs are called liars by the cops and town outside of the church when Ian’s body isn’t found. Will the girls be isolated in Season 2?

Yeah, they’re kind of the girls who cried wolf. You know, new newspaper comes out with anything that has to do with Alison’s death, the girls are involved with it. Now with Ian, especially saying that he had been hung and then when the cops come and his body isn’t anywhere to be seen, it kind of looks suspicious. Right now, they are the girls who cried wolf and this small town, Rosewood, is making it hard for them. They’re a little bit isolated.

We know the girls are ordered to see a therapist in Season 2 — will that end up bringing them closer together or tearing them apart?

It’s really tough with this therapist situation because each of the girls have moved on differently. Some of the girls might want to tell the therapist some things, other ones might want to keep these secrets secrets. We’re all struggling to decide what the best thing to do would be — to come out and tell her all of our secrets or just not say anything at all and just continue to carry the weight on all of our shoulders. It’s kind of a struggle but the girls have been through many different situations and they always come out on top.

Do you have an “A” theory — who do you think it is?

I started to the first half of Season 1 and I was like, “Is it this person? Is it Laura?” I was going through all the parents and then I kind of just gave up.  I feel like I’m OK with not knowing who “A” is and I will find out when Emily does.

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