troian lucy shay ashley pretty little liars 'Pretty Little Liars' soundtrack: Bonus Fay Wolf track added

Happy Valentine’s Day, “Pretty Little Liars” fans! You already knew ABC Family, WaterTower Records and Warner Horizon Television are
an 11-song soundtrack for the hit show, which is set to hit stores and iTunes on Tuesday, Feb. 15. But we’ve found out another Valentine’s Day gift in store for you: An exclusive bonus track.

Fay Wolf’s cover of The Outfield’s “Your Love” is a track exclusive to the soundtrack that can’t be bought anywhere else. The song played in the season’s 14th episode, “Careful What U Wish 4,” when Sean (Chuck Hittinger) breaks up with Hanna (Ashley Benson) at the dance for dancing with Lucas (Brendan Robinson).

In a video interview, the show’s music supervisor (and Zap2it favorite) Chris Mollere says, “‘Your Love’ you can only get on the soundtrack, so that’s definitely exclusive to us and we’re very happy to be the ones to share that with everybody.”

Fay Wolf also sat down to discuss why she chose to cover the 1986 song: “What’s awesome about ‘Your Love’ and a lot of upbeat songs that we all grew up listening to is sometimes you don’t realize what the lyrics are and what the song’s actually about and I just sort of had this ‘A-ha’ moment with that song specifically and I was like, ‘Oh, this is incredibly sad.'”

How does the song fit in with the overall tone of the show? “The tone of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ musically is it’s haunting, it’s romantic, it’s gorgeous, it’s dark, it’s kind of scandalous,” Mollere explains. “It’s all different kinds of emotions and feelings wrapped into one.”

To hear more from Chris (including how “Secret” came to be the show’s theme song) and Fay, watch the videos below:

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