When we last left the “Pretty Little Liars” of Rosewood, Hanna had been hit by a car after thinking she found out who the mysterious “A” is. The show’s stars Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell and Troian Bellisario tell Zap2it what the viewers can look forward to when the show returns.

“When we come back, we have to deal with a lot of stuff,” laughs Benson. “Hanna’s kind of in her own little predicament there after being run over by a car and not really knowing what’s happened to her.”

Hanna’s accident is definitely priority No. 1 for the girls when the show returns.

“I think the biggest matter of importance to us is that right before [Hanna] got hit, [she] told us that [she] saw A,” says Bellisario. “So we’re trying to get to [her] and make sure that [she’s] alright, but then it’s about ‘What do you know?'”

While in the hospital, we’ve already seen a picture of Hanna getting a visit from the supposedly-dead Alison. But is it all in Hanna’s head?

“I don’t know!” teases Benson. “Hanna being in the hospital, she doesn’t even really remember who she saw, what she saw. She could be imagining it, it could really be happening. She’s on so many medicines, she doesn’t really know what’s real and what’s not.”

After the important issue of Hanna’s safety and what she saw in the woods, the next priority has to be romance and the drama that follows.

“I think drama’s always in the cards for Rosewood, but I do think that Emily figures herself out a bit more,” says Mitchell. “She kind of gets hit by a car emotionally with the things she has to deal with.”

“Alex and Spencer are doing very well, but ‘very well’ is not something that lasts very long in Rosewood,” adds Bellisario.

“Pretty Little Liars” returns Monday, Jan. 3 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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