“Pretty Little Liars” is swiftly bringing its second season to a close – and we’ve been told the show is finally going to reveal the identity of “A,” the mysterious person(s) who has been taunting and haunting the Liars since the show premiered.

In this featurette released from ABC Family, the girls discuss their favorite “A” moments from the life of the series.

Troian Bellisario says her favorite moment is “when we’d gotten close to catching A, when we tricked A, when we got A’s cell phone. All these moments setting the web for A.”

“Seeing A across the greenhouse, I was kind of freaked out, to be honest with you,” adds Shay Mitchell. “OK, it’s dark, there’s a person in a hooded outfit, oh my goodness. It was a really, really exciting scene. That’s definitely my favorite one.

“The fashion show, when the whole show just went crazy and the really scary pictures of Alison showed up,”says Ashley Benson “I think that was one of the best A scenes because there were so many people that didn’t know what was going on.”

“I love the part where Emily gets the box of cereal and it’s all As. That’s when I was really impressed with A,” says Ian Harding. “That’s when I was truly afraid of A. When you do something that clever, you’re dangerous.”

“I think my favorite A scene is when this person has rats in cages that are named Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna,” says Lucy Hale. “And it’s what we are. We do what this person tell us, we’re this person’s rodents.”

“But then Spencer’s [rat is] missing. For some reason, that was very eerie,” adds Tyler Blackburn.

“To this day, the scariest one that’s always messed with me, and I’ve thought about it in real life, is when Ezra and Aria are making out in their car and they turn around and it’s writing on the back of their car in the dew ‘I see u,'” says Keegan Allen. “It’s typcial horror movie, but that’s something that could really happen and it frightened me.”

We can hardly wait for the Season 2 finale, PLL fans! “Pretty Little Liars” airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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