torrey devitto 'Pretty Little Liars': Torrey DeVitto on Melissa's relationships with Ian and Spencer, the finale and more

Talk about a bombshell.

In “Pretty Little Liars'” Feb. 28 episode, “Person of Interest,” we learned it wasn’t Alison (Sasha Pieterse) who was with Ian (Ryan Merriman) at Hilton Head right before her murder; It was Spencer’s (Troian Bellisario) big sister (and Ian’s wife) Melissa (Torrey DeVitto). There goes the girls’ entire theory.

But wait — there’s more. Melissa confesses to Spencer that she was pregnant at the time. The couple had escaped to Hilton Head to contemplate having an abortion, but she lost the baby before making the decision. Now we know why her current pregnancy is so important her. Even if it is with a possible murderer.

Zap2it caught up with Torrey DeVitto to find out her reaction to the shocking storyline. We also talked about Melissa’s relationship with Ian and Spencer and what we can expect in the finale, which seems like it could change her character forever. We also got her thoughts on the burgeoning Spencer and Toby (Keegan Allen) relationship.

Yes, “One Tree Hill” fans, we asked about crazy Nanny Carrie and found out how Torrey thinks she ranks with the show’s all-time crazies (and there’s a lot of ’em). Plus, would she be down for a guest-starring gig on “The Vampire Diaries”?

Were you surprised by the pregnancy storyline and the reveal that it was Melissa at Hilton Head with Ian?

Yeah, I was. Melissa is a character who likes to have everything very together in a perfect light and perfect view. So to find out that she had gone through something like that, with the abortion and everything, was just very out of her character and a very interesting new thing to bring to her.

Do you think Melissa really loves Ian?

I think she does. I think Melissa has always had it in her head to have the perfect husband and the perfect family. When Ian came back, he had something to offer for her in that way. She kind of just latched onto it. I think she loves him for that, for providing for her what obviously the Wren situation didn’t provide.

So she loves him, but does she trust him?

I think that they’re trusting each other. About what? I’m not quite sure because there’s so many questions that I don’t even have answers to. I think they’re relying on and trusting each other right now to get through this whole mess that’s going on. But what she knows? I’m not even sure what she knows.

Melissa and Spencer’s relationship has gotten progressively worse throughout the season. Where do they go from here?

To be honest with you, I’m not even sure myself. Spencer and Melissa have a very interesting relationship because there’s so much that’s gone on with them and they do not have any trust whatsoever. There’s clearly not that sisterly loyalty going on either. They tried to do that truce before and obviously that failed. I just think that no matter what guy is involved or what’s involved, they’re always going to hit some major sisterly conflict. I just think it’s never going to be smooth sailing for the two of them.

Does Melissa really think Spencer is just jealous of her?

I really think that from an early age Melissa has always assumed that not only Spence but most people are just jealous of her. I think that she has it in her head, you know, to have her to cope with the fact that her sister made out her her husband and her ex-fiance, I think she copes with that by telling herself that Spencer is just jealous of her and basically wants to be her.

spen toby pll 'Pretty Little Liars': Torrey DeVitto on Melissa's relationships with Ian and Spencer, the finale and moreA lot of fans love the new relationship between Spencer and Toby, but they were also surprised by it. Did it surprise you when you heard the show was going?

Not really because I think from the very beginning of the season, the Hastings family thrives on the good grades and the perfection of everything, so I think Spencer has always been the one in the family who wants to rebel against that. Even though she does strive for all those  things, I think she’s kind of rebelling. I think as the season goes on she just rebels and rebels even more. It was appropriate that that relationship evolved because I think Spencer is just trying to do anything to kind of dis-attach herself or wake her family up or throw something out there to stir things up a bit.

What can we expect from the finale?

The finale is going to change a lot. The finale is kind of going to see and realize things, but then in the next minute take away what you think you figured out and go ‘Ha-ha, you thought you got it but you don’t!’ There’s going to be a couple of huge things that happen to Melissa that just leave a lot of loose ends. Even I’m really curious to see what direction she goes in  in the next season and how she’s going to handle and grapple with the things that she’s been given in the finale. She has two really huge things that happen to her.

What do you think has been the creepiest moment on the show so far?

The last episode with the guy eating the popcorn! That really creeped me out. It was so funny because I was somewhere and I had these little girls, one of them was definitely not over the age of six, come up with their “Pretty Little Liars” books and they were like, ‘Will you please sign this book?’ and I was like, ‘Oh, sure!’ I actually saw the episode two days after I met them and I thought of those little girls! I was like, how are they sleeping at night?

Do you think Melissa could be “A”?

It’s funny because I have been hearing this for the last month or so. The first time I heard it  I was getting my hair done in the make-up trailer and the hair woman was like, ‘You’re ‘A’!’ I was like, ‘Excuse me?’ Then somebody actually asked me the other day so this is all new. I tried to ask of course and they wouldn’t give me anything. It would be interesting as an actor. I would feel really bad for Melissa it if was true.

Do people still come up to you calling you Nanny Carrie, your character from “One Tree Hill”?

Yes. Actually, just even yesterday. It still shocks me and I remember I said something to my girlfriend. I mean I loved playing crazy Nanny Carrie. That role was probably the most fun I’ve had yet just because she was so psychotic, especially in the second season I came on. I said to my girlfriend, ‘I really hope that one day I do something that kind of trumps this whole Nanny Carrie thing because I don’t want to be 50 years-old and still have people come up to me like, ‘Are you Nanny Carrie’?’

It’s looking like this is “OTH’s” last season. How do you think Nanny Carrie ranks with the show’s craziest characters?
I had never watched ‘One Tree Hill’ until I came on to the show, but I can’t really imagine many of the people being much creepier than her. I mean, feeding cockroaches and tying them up. I remember when they called me about it and Mark Scwahn, who created the show, was like, ‘So what do you think about coming back and having a ‘Misery’ storyline for Nanny Carrie?’ I was like ‘What?’ I don’t know, she’s ranked pretty high on my list of psychos on TV.

Would you be open to guest-starring on “The Vampire

I think it’s a great show. That would be really fun. I actually get mistaken for Nina Dobrev quite a bit sometimes so maybe I can come on and play her evil sister or another doppelganger.

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