toby spencer kiss 'Pretty Little Liars'' Troian Bellisario: 'Spencer and Toby are star crossed lovers'If you’re anything like us, you were more than a little surprised when Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Toby (Keegan Allen) started having feelings for each other on “Pretty Little Liars.”

Our surprise quickly turned to adoration as we were won over by their motel scrabble game and their amazing on-screen chemistry. Their simple yet poignant moment in Spencer’s bedroom in the Season 1 finale sealed the deal for us.

When we chatted with Troian, we had to ask if she was as surprised by Spencer and Toby’s connection as we originally were. “We were really excited about it because it’s the one relationship that
literally took an entire season to unfold,” she explains. “I think it’s because they
weren’t expecting it. In the beginning of the season when Toby came
around, Spencer was practically his biggest enemy.”

She continues, “Originally, I think
they were going to go for don’t judge a book by its cover, Spencer
realizes she’s been too harsh, but then I don’t know if it was just
influenced by the way Keegan Allen and I hang out and get along on set
or if they just saw the chemistry on-screen.”

spenc tob hand 'Pretty Little Liars'' Troian Bellisario: 'Spencer and Toby are star crossed lovers'So, what can fans expect to see from Rosewood’s most wanted couple when the show returns for its second season on Tuesday, June 14? “You’ll see a lot of sort of star-crossed lovers — sneaking out trying to
get to each other and just enjoy each other,” Troian says. “She’s really happy when
she’s with him. She feels safe.”

However, the relationship will have its complications. Come on, it’s “Pretty Little Liars.” You didn’t think they’d stay happy forever, did you? Oh, you did. That’s so sweet.

“The hard thing about that is how much
can you enjoy a relationship that you can’t really have? Something has to
change otherwise it’s going to start to strain their relationship.”

Something — or should we say someone? — else will begin to strain Spencer and Toby’s relationship a few episodes into Season 2: The return of Wren (Julian Morris). While Toby fans probably aren’t too thrilled by Melissa’s ex-fiance’s reappearance, Troian definitely is. 

“I’ve been asking, ‘When is Wren coming back?!’ When is Wren coming
back?!’ It’s also just because it’s exciting for me playing Spencer to
have someone who is so important to Spencer in the books,” Troian explains. “I really like
it when they tie in the books that strongly. I really love the relationship and the past that our
two characters have had.”

While she wouldn’t reveal if the three characters are heading for a love triangle, she teases, “I can tell you that Toby’s not too thrilled that he’s back.”

Comparing Season 2 to Season 1: “Season 2, it’s going to be a lot more fun. A lot more can unfold faster
because we’re not having to explain back-story. We’re not having to
remind people what’s going on. Our fans are really awesome and really
supportive and they do a great job of keeping up with us. There’s
definitely going to be less, ‘You don’t know about this, but you need
to in order to get to this!’ It’s so much more fun because things can
snowball and more shocking things happen.”

On Spencer and Melissa’s relationship in Season 2:
“Really strained. It was like they got kind of to a point where they were OK with each other and they were trying, but now that Ian tried to kill Spencer and is missing, Melissa’s practically throwing her sister under the bus trying to find this guy that is the father of her child. Rightfully, she should be concerned about where he is, but she’s not stopping for a moment to consider Spencer or ask if she’s OK because she flat-out just doesn’t believe her.”

Her favorite mystery on the show:
“I’m always more fascinated by what happened the night of Alison’s death. That’s what I love about the show the most and whenever we get to do flashbacks and more insight into what secrets Alison was sitting on and what actually happened to her that night at the barn, that’s what gets me really excited.”

Don’t miss “Pretty Little Liars'” Season 2 premiere on Tuesday, June 14, at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family.

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